Defeat the Darkness by Alexis Morgan – After a vicious attack, Paladin Hunter Fitzsimon is no longer the warrior he once was. So when he’s offered a transfer to . Hard-eyed and hard-bodied, Hunter Fitzsimon isn’t what Tate Justice expected in a tenant for the apartment above her garage. Terse and intensely private. The sixth book in a sexy contemporary paranormal romance series featuring the Paladins, immortal warriors who willingly die again and again.

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Instead, he tugged Hunter closer for a quick man-hug, the kind varkness said what neither of them had words for. She follows him into the woods late one night and sees more than she should know about. But the warrior’s dark and dangerous world is no place for his fiery lover.

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The plot line of the book worked well with the character of Hunter, allowing him the growth and recovery he needed, as well as his relationship with Tate to bloom. Worst of all he feels he will never again be able to fulfill his purpose as warrior and since he can’t perform his normal duties he’s teh to the Northwest to watch a newly discovered portion of the barrier – the Paladin’s are hopeful that this important doorway to the Other world will lead to the traitors on both sides of the Barrier.

Review: Defeat the Darkness by Alexis Morgan

Before he just seemed to have this dark cloud around him. He is angry and could lose his temper with anyone for any reason. This book was boring, and horribly edited. But I was confused about the logistics of the house, teashop and the apartment. While Tate can and does stand up to him, he’s so hot and cold with her and constantly pushing her away. She’s a bit naive in her trust but for the most part she doesn’t have any reasons to suspect Hunter of anything.


Hopefully, Morgan’s next series will be as well written as this one. Jan 29, Melinda rated it liked it Shelves: This is a continuation of the Paladin Warriors series. Feb 03, Marie rated it really liked it. Gwen did the bow. After a vicious attack, Paladin Hunter Fitzsimon is no longer the warrior he once was.

Defeat the darkness ( edition) | Open Library

I saw your ad for the apartment. What’s not to love about a wounded hero and a heroine strong enough to be what he needs? She is published in paranormal romance, fantasy romance, American West historicals, and most recently, contemporary romances with her new Snowberry Creek s Alexis Morgan grew up near St.

Their relationship was completely believable. His throat closed up as he looked at what lay nestled in the tissue paper. The rough-hewn walls closed in on him, making it alexix for him to breathe. Preview — Defeat mrogan Darkness by Alexis Morgan. Brenna and Laurel like theirs a little less raw. Feb 28, LiquidLucidity rated it really liked it Shelves: Redeemed in Darkness Paladins of Darkness, Book 4.

Defeat the Darkness Mass Market Paperback But staying close enough to the Barrier to fulfill his mission, puts Hunter in close contact with his sexy landlady, writer and tea drkness owner Tate Justice. It was time to let go.


To avoid further conversation, he tugged on the ribbon, and then ripped into the paper. Stephanie G Reviewer for Paranormal Haven. What Are You Reading?

Tate Justice rents her garage apartment to Hunter against her better judgment. Item s unavailable for purchase.


When Tate unlocked the darkbess door of her tea shop on the first floor of her Victorian home, three of her favorite customers were already waiting for her.

There is nothing intriguing about Ghe. He is sent there to find out who is smuggling Kaliths and a blue rock that is vital to the Kalith’s world over to our side of the boundary. Don’t know what Tate saw in him but yet she “fell in love” after what a week? But again, no idea how many or who.

A plus for all involved. He has a hard time being around the barrier in St.

Review: Defeat the Darkness by Alexis Morgan – Book Binge

I would not recommend reading this book if you have not read the others darkbess the series already since it pretty much slexis up the continuing story arc or comes darn close.

Mar 03, Stephanie G rated it really liked it Shelves: Share your thoughts with other customers. I put it down to the author’s story telling abilities that convinced me to suspend disbelief when I first started reading this series. As Hunter stalked past his friend, Jake caught him by the arm. Mar 12, Maria rated it liked it Shelves: It does not take Tate long to realize that something more is going on with Hunter.

This book is available from Morgxn. The locals all knew to come around to the shop entrance.

The wall behind him was covered with an interesting array of weapons.