Definisi Kedokteran Komplementer pada GLOSARIUM DATA & INFORMASI .. Terapi khelasi EDTA bukanlah terapi yang secara instan mengobati penyakit . Oleh: Purwaningsih. PENGERTIAN Pengobatan komplementer. PMTCT. PEP Bijaksana dalam merespon pengobatan komplementer ODHA. Monitoring. Terapi Komplementer dalam Keperawatan .. Definisi pekerja dalam Akta Kerja , Akta Perhubungan Perusahaaan , Ordinan Buruh Sabah dan O.

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When he wrote this original article Dr.

Keperawatan Komplementer Healing Touch

Most people, including physicians, are not aware of the medical politics, legal machinations and economic sanctions that covertly control the practice of medicine in the United States. A physician who introduces an innovative and nontraditional type of therapy often becomes the target of those tedapi.

That is especially true if a new therapy, like EDTA chelation: Quite the opposite occurred with the immediate and widespread acceptance of bypass surgery and balloon komplemebter, which quickly brought wealth and fame to surgeons, cardiologists, large teams of health care professionals, and the hospital industry.

When a radical new therapy like chelation is first introduced, physicians who do not utilize that therapy feel threatened, both professionally and financially. Their professional integrity is threatened by obsolescence of their scientific knowledge and they lose patients who seek out the new therapy.

They forget that if their established treatments were really successful, and without major disadvantages, patients would not look to another type of treatment. Ad hominum attacks are common, in the absence of more cogent and scientific criticisms.

Well known historical examples of that phenomenon occurred with the introduction of the germ theory of disease. That simple concept took 50 years for complete acceptance by the medical profession. Lister was viciously attacked when he proposed that wound infections were teapi inevitable after surgery if aseptic techniques were used. Semmelweis was likewise dealt with when he urged doctors to wash their hands before delivering babies to prevent maternal deaths from puerperal sepsis.

Has human nature changed since that time? They were often not recognized for their achievements until after death.

Paracelsus introduced the use of mercury to treat syphilis. There was no other cure for syphilis at the time, although, as with many treatments today, the lethal dose of mercury was close to the therapeutic dose. Inertia in science and medicine is a powerful force and is reinforced by major economic and legal forces in the United States. Many industries and special interest groups that are politically and economically powerful would be hurt financially if chelation therapy were to become more widely accepted.

Those same industries have a major influence in our society at all levels. Grants for university and medical school research often stem from those same sources. They spend heavily to lobby for laws, regulations and government funded medical research to favor their own interests and to suppress competition. It is difficult to obtain NIH research funds in the face of opposition from powerful lobbies when that research goes against those special interests.

Those same special interests have a major influence on lay and professional exposure through the news media. Advertising revenues are essential to the survival of medical journals, newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

Even with freedom of the press, the media cannot survive without advertising revenues. There often exists an understandable reluctance to bite the hand that feeds them. It is difficult to educate the public and the medical profession about new developments without media cooperation. Medical schools also cannot afford to offend their corporate sources of research funds. The welfare of the American public is often pushed aside by the industrial quest for profits and pressures to suppress competition.

Every industry wants a monopoly, if that can be achieved. Mainstream medicine has come very close to that goal. Scientific arrogance is commonplace. Physicians consider themselves to be experts in their own field. They forget that all great advances in medicine began with a small minority. Their thinking tends to follow along these lines: Those criticisms ignore the fact that most medical procedures routinely performed in the practice of medicine are also unproven using those same criteria.


A complete program of chelation therapy involves dietary changes, away from highly refined and processed foods. The use of nonprescription nutritional supplements is emphasized, more than expensive and highly profitable drugs, patented and marketed by the pharmaceutical industry. For obvious reasons, double-blind studies have never been done to prove or disprove clinical benefits from bypass surgery or balloon angioplasty.

When a therapy is widely edfinisi by the medical profession, no scientific proof of defiinisi is required, and anecdotal evidence is accepted as valid. If an alternative therapy is contested by those physicians, however, they attack by demanding that the therapy in question be subjected to very expensive and time-consuming double-blinded, placebo controlled trials costing tens of millions of dollars to meet FDA requirements.

Medicare regulations also exclude the need for scientific proof for treatments that are utilized by a majority of physicians. The federal government thereby adds support to this double standard. In the case of EDTA, those demands ignore the fact that it would normally cost many millions of dollars kkmplementer double-blind studies to prove effectiveness, and public funding xefinisi medical research cannot be obtained without political support.

Without patent protection, pharmaceutical manufacturers will likewise not fund that research. The komplemfnter and time required for research of that scope is also beyond the resources of the clinicians in private practice who utilize chelation therapy.

Despite those drawbacks, even in the face of a severe and unjust double standard imposed by opponents, research money has been successfully obtained from private foundations and from patients and physicians who believe in this treatment. Patients have been accepted into double-blind studies, beginning in mid [those studies were not completed for political reasons].

Deprived of reimbursement by medical insurance, defimisi have thus far paid for EDTA chelation therapy entirely from their own pockets. If Medicare refuses to pay for a therapy, most other insurance companies follow suit. It costs far more to fight those unjust policies in court than to pay for the treatment. Historical examples of similar campaigns to control the practice of medicine, in favor of organized medicine kompleemnter other special interests, against the public interest, are easy to find.

Definjsi many innovative physicians have discovered, one of the quickest ways to become the target of opposing forces is to utilize nutritional or other nontoxic and noninvasive treatments for cancer.

On August 3,Charles W. His findings could equally have been applied to other innovative and nontraditional methods of treating any disease.

Fitzgerald criticized those who supported the party iomplementer of the American Medical Association AMAand who applied themselves to efforts to hinder, suppress, and restrict the free use of new therapies. Those therapies included medicines that were supported by evidence of success from clinical records, case histories, pathological reports, and x-ray and other photographic proof, together with living testimony of former cancer victims.

Investigation tactics used against emerging and nontraditional medical therapies show a consistent pattern of: Opponents of nontraditional therapies have viewed as legitimate activities: These tactics have been used against physicians for nothing more serious than administering intravenous EDTA chelation therapy.

When evidence, real or fabricated, is uncovered which is unfavorable to the targeted physician, a representative of the opposition komlementer contact the state board of medical examiners, asking for an official investigation and prosecution. Pressures are brought on the physician to terxpi and desist his aberrant practices or lose his license to practice medicine. Investigations and proceedings of licensing boards are often confidential and not available, even to the physician under investigation.

By definition, it is difficult for an outsider to learn all of the specifics of such covert tactics, although a good approximation of how these things work has gradually emerged over the years. The power structure of dsfinisi medicine may be visualized as a pyramid, with the sides composed of different physician specialty associations, each with its own special interests to protect. Local and state chapters centralize the power and influence from the base upward to the national komplrmenter.

This pyramidal structure in medical politics forms the basis for a conspiracy that operates in coalition with other groups to benefit the individuals who compose the core of the pyramid. Although the composite organizations draw authority to sanction their collective actions from individual members, those members are often unaware of the larger structure within which lomplementer brokers and komplrmenter politicians operate. By representing almost every practicing physician and specialty group in the country, this coalition has enormous influence in the affairs of our nation.


That is especially true when an alliance is formed between organized medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and food processing corporations. The food industry profits greatly from sales of margarine [trans fats], unsaturated fats, fake eggs, and other refined and fractionated foods with the endorsement of physicians.

Keperawatan Komplementer Healing Touch

The AMA and other segments of organized medicine are second only to the National Rifle Association in political campaign contributions to senators and congressmen at the national level. They give more than any other special interest groups in the country.

When a physician is selected for censure by organized medicine, the FDA, FBI, IRS, postal inspectors, district attorneys, Antifraud Division of Medicare and other agencies with quasi-police powers are quick to join the fray. This has occurred to physicians who have had the courage to offer EDTA chelation therapy to their patients.

Most of those are chemically dependent on alcohol and drugs. Increasingly, addicted physicians are being successfully rehabilitated, with the help of medical societies and recovered physicians. That function is truly in the best interests of both the medical profession and the consumer.

Restraint of trade and government support of a medical monopoly is the bottom line. All too often, academic physicians on medical school faculties and research scientists allow themselves to be influenced by propaganda and disinformation, instead of obtaining the true facts and relying on their own analytical abilities and scientific methodology to determine the truth.

The overwhelming majority of physicians in clinical practice appear to be totally unaware that a conspiracy exists and that covert activities are routinely taking place to protect their monopoly and to prevent competition.

The director of each regional chapter must swear to an oath of secrecy.

The CCHI operates through this secretive network, without access from public scrutiny. There are no checks and balances. A significant portion of their activities, however, have nothing to do with real quackery, but are rather a means to coerce practitioners of medicine to adhere to practices approved by medical politicians.

The end result is to preserve certain monopolistic and economic advantages enjoyed by organized medicine. An important reason that research into the use of EDTA in the treatment of atherosclerosis and its complications stopped afteruntil the mid s, was because of an active and vicious campaign of misinformation and unjust harassment of physicians who used EDTA in their practices.

Makalah Terapi Keluarga – PDF Free Download

Scientific researchers who showed an interest were also discouraged and harassed. Practicing physicians who used EDTA have been summoned to appear before state boards of medical examiners to answer complaints. Charges were often contrived and rarely documented by careful komplemenyer.

Medical licensing boards in at least six states have attempted to mandate a blanket prohibition against chelation therapy within their states. Fortunately, the courts have been quick to nullify most such arbitrary rulings. Ddfinisi was already on the market as a legitimate pharmaceutical agent to treat lead toxicity, digitalis toxicity and acute hypercalcemia.

Makalah Terapi Keluarga

The only restriction is that pharmaceutical companies [and compounding pharmacies] that manufacture EDTA cannot make advertising and marketing claims of effectiveness in the treatment of atherosclerosis, in the absence of Komplementdr approval for that indication. The patent on EDTA expired many years ago. It is now a generic drug. Any drug company can manufacture and sell EDTA. There is no longer any patent protection to allow recovery of research, development and licensing costs.