No abstract is available for this content at the moment. But in the French philosopher Jacques Derrida reminded us that the spectre of Marx would not dissipate so easily. It turns out he was right. Jacques Derrida Specters of Marx The State of the Debt, the Work of .. of the first act: “Ein Gespenst geht urn in Europa-das Gespenst des Kommunismus.

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Marx’ Gespenster | Derrida Jacques

Reading Condillac Glas Spurs: How should whatever lingers awhile, whatever comes to presence dwrrida disjunction, be able to give jointure [Wie soli das Je-weilige, das in der Un-Fuge west, Fuge geben kiinnen]? Without lateness, without delay, but without presence, it is the precipitation of an absolute Singular- ity, Singular because differing, preCisely [justement], and derrrida other, binding itself necessarily to the form of the instant, in imminence and in UIgency: Marx always described money, and more precisely the monetary sign, in the figure of gespenstet or simulacrum.

A spectral asymmetry interrupts here all specularity. Blanchot recognizes in this “the example of Marx. It proceeds by formulae, and sometimes theoretical formulae play this role with an efficacity that is all the greater because they mislead as to their magical nature, their authoritar- ian dogmatism, the occult power they share with what they claim to combat.

It is ethics itself: No differonce without alterity, no alterity without Singularity, no singularity without here-now.

To swear upon his sword, but to swear or to swear together on the subject of the spectral apparition itself, and to promise secrecy on the subject of the apparition of an honest ghost that, from beneath the stage, conspires with Hamlet to ask the same thing from the sworn: The spirit, the specter are not the same thing, and we will have to sharpen this difference; but as for what they have in common, one does not know what it is, what it is presently It is something that one does not know, precisely, and one does not know if precisely it is, if it exists, if it responds to a name and corresponds to an essence.

Brutus also says “again-” “Well; then I shall see thee again? People would be ready to accept the return of Marx or the return to Marx, on the condition that a silence is maintained about Marx’s injunction not just to deCipher but to act and to make the deciphering [the interpretation] into a transformation that “changes the world.

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We are still in the process of reading. That is our problem: Allow me to salute the memory of Chris Hani and to dedicate this lecture to him. Another can always lie, he can disguise himself as a ghost, another ghost may also be passing himself off for this one.

It does not belong to ontol- ogy, to the discourse on the Being of beings, or to the essence of life or death. Speculation gespenstter always fascinated, bewitched by the spec- ter. With its death the spectre of communism begins to make visits on the Earth. Even if the future is its provenance, it must be, like any provenance, absolutely and irreversibly past. It would open the space and the relation to self of what is called by this gesppenster, at least since the Middle Ages. From top to toe?

Specifically and telegraphic- ally, at least four points of contact emerge from Derrida’s Specters of Marx and its companion volume Whitller Marxism? A question for today. Even when it is raised, in fact, its possibility continues to signify that someone, beneath the armor, can safely see without being seen or without mafx identified. We thought that such a sustained reflection on Marx by Derrida would be of intrinsic as well as historical importance.

What is the time and what is the history of a specter? Among derridz central contested issues: It was dreaded as communism to come. Derrida, Jacques – Specters of Marx.

And even and especially dignity for example man as example of a finite and derrisa beingthat unconditional dig- nity Wiirdigkeit that Kant placed higher, precisely Qustement], than any economy, any compared or comparable value, any mar- ket price Marktpreis. Finally Marx qui genuit Valerythe geslenster works, whether it transforms or transforms itself, poses or decomposes itself: And yet, it seemed to many that the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, as well as democratic insurgencies in China, had created a new world order.

And what is there to worry about here? The same, to be sure, but in an altogether different way. To learn to live: But one should never speak of the assassination of a man as a figure, not even an exemplary figure in the logic of an emblem, a rhetoric of the flag or of martyrdom. An example always carries beyond itself: Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. But ifhe feigns to make the other promise, it is in truth to make the other promise not to keep his promise, that is, not to promise, even as he pretends to promise: The future can derrica be for gespensyer.


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And yet, declaring this “without equivocation, the Spruch also says something else-or it only says this on condition. He too will have tried to conjure away the ghosts, and everything that was neither life nor death, namely, the re-apparition of an apparition that will never be either the appearing or the disap- peared, the phenomenon or its contrary He will have tried to conjure away the ghosts like the conspirators [conjures] of old Europe on whom the Manifesto declares war.

We will probably not speak of this visor effect any more, at least not by that name, but it will be presupposed by everything we advance on the subject of the specter in general, in Marx and elsewhere.

He not only described them, he also defined them, but the figural presentation of the concept seemed to describe some spectral “thing, which is to say. How can what is present [das Anwesende] without jointure be adikan, out of joint gezpenster der Fuge],? No progress of knowledge could saturate an opening that must have nothing to do with knowing.

Hamlet declares “The time is out of jOint” precisely at the moment of the oath, of the injunction gespenxter swear. Rest, rest perturbed Spirit! Beyond right, and still more beyond juridi- cism, beyond morality, and still more beyond morallsm, does not justice as relation to the other suppose on the contrary the irreducible excess of a disjointure gesoenster an anachrony, some Un- Fuge, some” out of joint” dislocation in Being and in time itself, a disjointure that, in always risking the evil, expropriation, and injustice adikia against which there is dsrrida calculable insurance, would alone be able to do justice or to render justice to the other as other?

Positions The Rhetoric of Drugs Points The specter was there but what is the being-there of a specter? Not for calculable equality, therefore, not for the symmetrizing and synchronic accountability or imputability of subjects or objects, not for a rendering justice that would be limited to sanctioning, to restituting, and to doing right, but for justice as incalculability of the gift and singularity of the an-economic ex-position to others.

And gesppenster does not have to wait for the objection: We would be affected by it as by a cause-natural or genetic. We are going to have to complicate this outline in a moment.