36 quotes from Diary of a Drug Fiend: ‘Having to talk destroys the symphony of silence.’. It’s not quite as much fun to write a review when it seems everyone is basically in agreement. Crowley was not as evil as folklore suggests, and he was a lot more. Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley [Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If you are interested in the.

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I also make the remark, because the essential bearing of it is practically the whole story of this book. We had called on Gretel and obtained a supply of cocaine. Lawrence and those chaps.

Diary of a Drug Fiend Quotes by Aleister Crowley

In that respect, I daresay the work was perhaps intended in part as a sort of long-form advertising brochure for the Abbey project, prior to his expulsion by Mussolini. One was the Universe eternally whirling.

We never doubted that the chauffeur knew himself to be the charioteer of the sun. But that didn’t help them to use their natural faculties to the best advantage, so I made them confront the sea again and again, until they decided that the best way to avoid drowning was to learn how to deal with oceans in every detail.

Crpwley dancing room was a ridiculous, meaningless, gaudy, bad imitation of Klimmt. All the time I had been chuckling over my dear old squad commander. Her head hung back, the heavy coils of hair came loose. I felt the need of smashing something into matchwood, and I was all messed up about it because it was Lou that I wanted to smash, and at the same time she was the most precious and delicate piece of porcelain that ever came out of the Ming dynasty or whatever the beastly period is.


Nov 16, Gayle West rated it really liked it.

Diary of a Drug Fiend

The accident of this man, J. His eyes diar parallel; they were looking at infinity. Thus the art of the artist is doubly damaged. One is bounding with health and bubbling with high spirits.

It occurred to me as a sort of joke that she might have poisoned herself. This will show him!

Soar, soar swifter, swifter! At first, Peter is furious because he assumes his wife Lou’s True Will is to be Lamus’ lover, or something else that will take her away from him.

I saw her deep blue skin fade to a dreadful pallor. We had no need of communicating with each other by means of articulate speech.

The protagonist usually a male unless the story is about why you shouldn’t fuck before marriage is going through a life change when he meets an enigmatic teacher who introduces him to Christianity. I think a lot too much ; so did Shakespeare. A word in your ear, my dear Lou: He possessed all the qualities I most admired—and lacked—in their fullest expansion.

Refresh and try again. His name came up in connection with some vague gossip about some crooked financial affair. If the old fool had only known that we were full of cocaine, as we sat and applauded his pompous platitudes! Views Read Edit View history. Lou was coming through the door. It’s tragically ironic to read this in conjunction with Crowley’s magical diaries of Tunis, Anyhow, at the end of the war I found myself with a knighthood which I still firmly believe to have been due to a clerical error on the part of some official.


Diary of a Drug Fiend – Wikipedia

The nose and mouth suggested more than a trace of Semitic blood, but the wedge-shaped contour of the face betokened some very opposite strain. He took a pace backwards and raised his stick. So don’t, unless you’re dying already. It pleased her to assume the psychology of the Oriental pleasure-making woman.

I suspect that my medical training and reading, and hearing people talk, and the effect of all those ghoulish articles in the newspapers had something to do with it.

Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley

My mother went out for the Red Foend, and died in the first year of the war. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The shock bit the incident deeply into my mind. Peter Parker Pendragon and his girlfriend Louise are trying to score some drugs.