rp3 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: RP3 offers EQ, modulation or pitch shifting, harmony pitch shifting, chorus, flanging, phasing, tremolo, auto planning, delay Fortunately, DigiTech’s RP3 goes against this trend. . David, here is the Digitech manual. Digitech RP Digitech RP showing HAI at the display screen and i can’t do enything it looks like is frozen you can download an instruction manual for.

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Just print this out and staple it together or bind it in a binder. When you exit this mode, the RP-3 will default to the last mode you were in. Sorry about your problem. April 7, by Charlie. There are eight parameters that can be controlled by the Expression Pedal.

In the effects department, the RP3 offers EQ, modulation amnual pitch shifting, harmony pitch shifting, chorus, flanging, phasing, tremolo, auto planning, delay, compression, wah, gate or swell, reverb, cabinet emulation, adjustable presence control and the pitch bending whammy effects that DigiTech created for its Whammy pedals.

April 16, at 1: All such data will be lost forever! Declaration Of Conformity S. December 14, at The Digitech RP3 guitar multi effects processor is no longer in production.

Time limit is exhausted. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Quick Start RP-3 Quick Start For those of you who prefer to burn now and read later, we’ve included this Quick Manhal section to get you up and running. S P Type 0. The parameters are as follows: The idea behind preamp multi effect processors is a noble one; offer the consumer a reasonably priced, all in one package that covers all the bases for just about any situation rigitech player might find himself in.


Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Speak Your Mind Tell us what you’re thinking This dual chorus offers exceptionally rich chorusing using multiple voices with different phasing characteristics. A headphone jack is included so you can play without pissing off your wife.

Amount Sets the interval between the original note and the pitch shifted note. Connect guitar into the Input jack located on the rear of the RP This is extremely useful for breaking down fast solos.

Appliance should not be used near water e. Performing this function will destroy all user-programmed data.

Digitech rp3 User Manual

March 12, at 6: Got it new inand 21 years later, still works great and sounds on par with modern stuff! The RP-3 offers you 2 distortion voicings along with a full palette digigech high quality digital effects that can accommodate any style of music. Most importantly it sounds amazing. Does anyone know how to program it so I have access to ALL the possible sound cominations?

I need a new or replacement transformer for my Digitec RP3 foorpedal. Don’t have an account? Use the Parameter select keys to navigate the matrix. The RP3 is backed by a one year factory warranty against parts and labor defects though the ruggedly constructed bent dititech chassis can certainly take a licking while you keep on picking.


Mail will not be published required. The following diagrams offer some different ways your RP-3 can be connected.

Notify me when new comments are added. The distortion can digitedh bypassed at any time, so any of the presets can be used clean or distorted.

Page 6 RP-3 User Guide The RP3 has 30 factory preset and 30 user programmable presets with fully adjustable parameters. I can ONLY get the pre-programmed effects that the former user had set up.

Digitech RP3 Guitar Multi Effects Processor : Gear Vault

The RP3 has a built in chromatic diggitech and can be run in mono stereo. I love my RP3. If you are in the market for a preamp multi effects processor definitely try this out. What can I get that will mankal and where can I get it? The parameters are arranged in rows and columns.

Preset Chart We have included this handy preset chart to help you keep an accurate record of your custom presets. The unit runs on a supplied 9. I really y appreciate the help this manual has given me.