Disgaea 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention is broken down into chapters with. Got a Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice is the third video game in the Disgaea series Check out DoubleJump’s Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Official Strategy Guide!.

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The Barbarians do about 1k straetgy so stay healed and they should be no problem. After you chain throw the geo run your third guy back to your group so that you can attack with everyone on your following turn. These guys are bit more powerful and can deal up to about 2k damage, but have much crappier armor.

After you save, talk to the Afro Prinny. Absence of Justice Official Strategy Guide! I leveled my martial artist to Lv, but you can do it until whenever you are bored. Surprisingly getting mass innocents is a smaller issue because of an alternative duping method as discussed below. While leveling all 10 or more characters is possible, if you want to minimize having to level up, I recommend leveling up main characters.

The other 22 tickets are earned by defeating pirates.

With that out of the way, try it out and dupe one of your complete accessories. Buff up your main group and attack the boss, he has a lot of HP so it is imperative that your strongest character s survive to deal big chunks of damage. I would only clear the geos if it was only one or two colors or the combination was easy to solve.

You can only increase the level of skills, you cannot decrease them! Here’s some pieces of advice. I recommend that you save and reset in the final battle so that you get a rank zero Puppy Paw Stick.


Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention | Articles | Pocket Gamer

The chicken can’t hurt you don’t need to worry when walking around it. When you go back into you will notice that all the enemies will be level Lv Deteention x1 First go around knocking down all of the geo towers. Before you End Turn, be sure to bring two weak characters out of the portal and position them so that they close enough for the enemies to reach, but placed in such a way that your damage dealers will not be clipped with area attacks. Bring out one or two weak characters like the last stage and End Turn.

Although most of the rewards are pretty useless, the primary purpose of the sidequest is to obtain the Puppy Paw Stick which lets you duplicate items. After visiting this room, you’ll unlock the Birdmen Watchers club, which will hugely increase Mao’s jump height. Table of Contents Disgaea 3: Doing so will allow your guys into the area while preventing the enemy from moving.

Depending on the level of your party you may have enough firepower to kill another two or three enemies on the stairs before you need to End Turn. Similar to the Diez Gentlemen sidequest, this involves talking to deyention of the stationary characters in your between guie battle base to progress the story. Absence of Justice Channel. You’ll now need to do 10 levels of the Item World. Also make sure you have all 20 stronger enemy topics passed you can do so in normal world.

Other than that this level has no real tricks. Leads to the postgame. That rose attack is so annoying. Start the battle by throwing one or two enemies so you can area attack them to death. Mass Duping Other than the popular Class World duping strategy, another way to dupe is by using Clone panels.


Once the enemies are about levelitems will start appearing on the Bonus List that you cannot buy rank 31 to rank The contents are randomized and in theory you could keep on resetting until you got an item you wanted.

Note that it is possible to throw someone across directly, but not everyone can overcome the height and distance requirements.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

If you leveled Mao, you also have the option to bolster your team by capturing some strong enemies at this point. The music shop can be found in a mystery room in the ddisgaea world. To position your characters, move two characters by each of the No Entry geos and End Turn. After you learn the spells you want, guidr into a high tier Martial Artist to pick diisgaea Big Bang, then you can reincarnate into your final class.

Simply keep on doing LoC HoO4 reincarnating every couple battles until you reach k stored levels. Generally speaking, try to kill off everything in the middle before the barrier comes down so that you can fight Laharl and friends without any distractions. Combo the enemies as they come across the bridge and voila, victory! More walkthroughs and faqs Disgaea 3: Classroom Queen Enemies: When you reach the end, destroy the geo to cause a chain reaction; toss the Deathblow geo on the vacated square s afterwards to turn the tables on the enemy.