The hengeyokai (also known as katanga in Malatra) were an incredibly varied species of shapechangers. They believed themselves descended from humans. Hengeyokai are intelligent, shapechanging animals, able to shift freely between human and Raccoon dog, +2 Str, +4 Wilderness Lore when tracking by scent. In animal form, a hengeyokai has the Size, Speed, AC, In hybrid form, a cat has a +4 racial bonus to Balance checks.

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Unlike Lycanthropy a western ideabeing a Hengeyokai is not something that is inflicted upon you -it is just your nature. Crafty and charismatic, the fox hengeyokai are a rare sight. The Old World of Darkness attempted to broaden its appeal by doing “Oriental Flavors” for several of its gamelines.

Effect You change into your human, Tiny animal, or hybrid form. Instead you gain a hengeyokai utility power of the same level or lower. Also note our banned subjects list. Originally Posted by Wednesday Boy. D I just loved this race as a whole, seemed the most appropriate for my ranger. When the flavor has been changed so that this template is no longer applicable please remove this template.

Ecology of the Hengeyokai (+ New Race Option!)

Edit this Page All stubs. Thus, a 1st-level hengeyokai can switch hengeyokzi human form to animal form and back again in a single day. You gain a movement benefit based on your form. In hybrid form, a crane has a Speed of 20ft and a Fly of 20ft. Several subraces exist, defined by the kind of animal form they can assume. Hengeyokai are shapechangers, not humanoids. Bullywug – Hengryokai – Kenku. The term is actually pretty rare, and more usually these critters are identified as “bakemono” instead.


Hengeyokai tend hengeyokau be flighty and weak-willed. The term Hengeyokai can be seen as a blanket term for gods, spirits or animals that can take on an animal and a human form.

Do not suggest, promote, or perform piracy. Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Here’s a link if you have an insider subscription. The article is in Dragon Magazine if you want to read more.


Add in their shapeshifting abilities, and things get more hengsyokai. Hengeyokai in hybrid form retain their low-light vision and the ability to communicate with animals of their type.

Am I an animal who can become an human or reverse?

Originally Posted by Klaus. Just collecting my thoughts; The reflex bonus is boring and not mechanically necessary. Dolphin hengeyokai forced to move on land in their animal form tire out within 2 times Constitution score minutes. From a role playing perspective they are Fey creatures and can be seen to come from the Feywild.

In this form, a hengeyokai can typically wear light or hengeyokzi armor without modification, but wearing heavy armor is impossible.

Some types of hengeyokai strongly favor good or evil: Hengeyokwi, it says stats don’t change in Hybrid form. Preferably another racial power. Please read the rules wiki page for a more detailed break-down of each rule.

Technically a subcategory of obake shapechanging monstersalthough the terms are often used interchangeably, hengeyokai is a generic title used to cover an array of monsters based on the idea of magical animals who can transform into human form, and often times into other shapes as well.


In their human or false form they look almost identical to the race they’re disguised as, although they might possess a few traits typical of their animal form for example, narrow eyes, slightly pointed nose and whisker like markings on the face hengeyokaii a fox hengeyokai.

Do they have any homeplace or are they just magic normal animals?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Hengeyokai have the size, speed, AC, damage rating, and physical ability scores shown on Table 4s Shapeshifting cats are one of the most famous of the “lesser” hengeyokai. Some fox hengeyokai’s appearance change as they grow in power. In animal form, a rat is Tiny, has a Speed of 15ft and a Climb of 15ft, an AC of 14, a bite attack henfeyokai does 1d damage, a Strength of 2, a Dexterity of 15, and a Constitution of Precisely what animal forms of hengeyokai have been availible have varied depending on the edition:.

An octopus hengeyokai that leaves the water in animal form has its Move rate drop to 2, and begins taking 1d4 damage per turn after it has been out of water for an hour. They are also deaf in animal form, using telepathy to communicate with animals and other hengeyokai.