Freedom at Midnight has ratings and reviews. failed to note that this book was written by a team of authors: Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight” India The Fifth Horseman Freedom at Midnight Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. First published in , this edition is a new edition of the best-selling book described as irreplaceable by Le Monde, Paris.

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Despite this focus on the agency of the great men, the primary mechanism which forces history forward in the book is destiny or fate.

The ensuing riots are given a lot of space. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

One gets to know why this is the one deep blemish that has stained the minds of every subsequent generation on the both sides of the border. A book written only freedon make you like the British Raj, making Mountbatten the hero of all this, being equally praised by the British and Indians. Everywhere, squatting on their haunches, faded saris clutched to their shoulders, bangles clanking on their bare arms, the women tended those fires, fussing over the chapaties and channa they were cooking, stoking them with the found flat patties of dried dung that fueled them, the last of the many gifts of India’s sacred cows.

Inthey published Freedom at Midnight, a story of the Indian Independence inand the subsequent assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in Midnihht significance of the new edition lies in engaging the minds of two generations born into a free country, to enable them to empathetically understand the aspirations and goals that united our leaders then towards the common cause of freedom. The writers list so many interesting details about the characters.


Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight”

Towards the long side, but worth the time. Through this piece, the author-duo have delved into some of the darker sides of the prominent figures of that era and the whole populace as a whole. So basically it starts with the decision to “Quit India” — a decision made so suddenly and brazenly and devoid of conscience in its execution as to totally boggle the mind and we still bear the fruits today, witness what’s going on in Pakistan.

In that course, of course the book feels somehow slanted towards eulogizing Lord Mountbatten, but show me a history book that is not biased at all. Those interested in more recent and expansive views of the events leading up to and following should consider The Great Partition: He was certainly one of the giants of the 20th century.

Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins (1975)

The reading is hard going right now events just after the partition of India and Pakistan dominiqje the authors describe horrific events. How to review this book? I will provide my reactions 1. It is unlike any historic account of events. See all reviews. While liberated in his views on women in some respects, others like his views on rape– just lie back and take it, ladies.

One possible reason for this lack of crucial details: Since the authors are neither from India, Pakistan laperre Britain their view point has been factual and neutral all along on the basis of their 3 years of research in India and Pakistan. And it explains many cultural nuances with which I was not familiar.


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Ambedkar – one of the authors of the Constitution – also feared the fate of that community in an independent India and converted to Buddhism on his deathbed as an act of symbolic resistance to Hindu-majority rule.

Jinnah does come off rather badly, but again, access to archival material was somewhat limited when the authors were penning this account, Jinnah himself was dead inand his personality meant that most of his thoughts were carried to the grave. After reading this book, you begin to be something other than a total outsider. The book essentially is an argument against partition. Inafter five years’ research and interviews, they published O Jerusalem! Many migrants fell victim to bandits and religious extremists of both dominant religions.

This book is recommended for anyone interested in knowing our freedom fighters, freedom movement, the Raj, the Maharajas and the Mahatma very substantially, if not wholly or in full measure. English Choose a language for shopping. If one isn’t fond of non-fiction, I would suggest trying this one.

Highly recommended to read if yo Not a fan of Non Fiction books, but this non fiction totally held my attention from beginning till the end. Write a customer review.

Now the animosity and tension between India and Pakistan, Hindu and Muslim becomes clearer.