Definition of error code P and P – System too Rich (Bank 1 and Bank 2) . Read emissions expert information and diagnostics for fault code P and. Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P Fuel Trim System Too RichDiagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P Fuel Trim System Too Rich – United Kingdom | BBA. The fact that it’s throwing that code means that it’s trying and unable to adjust sufficiently to keep the air/fuel ratio correct. 2 is easy to check-.

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If the check engine light comes back on with code P continue the diagnostic process. The first step in this program is to obtain On a Honda Pilot the MIL continuously throw codes p and tdc simultaneously never one at a time after reset roughly after 44 miles driven.

Always verify Fuel Pressure for any code P It is around a Hour Job. The ECU has the ability to slightly adjust the air-fuel ratio if it is rich.

P OBD-II Trouble Code: System Too Rich (Bank 1)

It must also be noted that the problem is because of dtcc emission thresholds required, which is pretty complicated and the system needs to be affected by some disturbance so that the emission thresholds may be exceeded. Next, looking at P, which is telling us bank 1 is reading a too rich condition. When it gets low, Not enough air is coming in. By VisitorMay 15, p172 How to Get a Louisiana Driver’s Permit s licensing program.

Unburned droplets of raw fuel that smell, affect breathing, and contribute to smog CO Carbon Monoxide: When the engine is cold, more fuel is added to help warm it up to a desirable temperature. To keep the engine running properly, the powertrain control module PCM tries to compensate for the rich condition by injecting ;0172 fuel to the mixture in an effort to maintain the proper When the computer determined the air-to-fuel mixture to be too rich, it then set the P code.


Are You a Shop Owner? When the air ratio goes below The engine won’t warm up, preventing it from going into “closed loop” fuel control.

Duane 22 years of experience.

When nearing low fuel, car will lose acceleration power, wheel will lock as well. I just saw the check engine light come on on my VW Passat B5. Was this cool or helpful? The Passat has a lot of choices. This, too, is not the root cause and should be cleared up when you solve the primary issue. If other codes are present, they must be addressed first.

13C-DTC P System too Rich

An engine needs to have at least 17 to 18 inches of vacuum in order to run properly. Code P mainly applies to V6 or V8 engines because 4-cylinder engines generally have only one bank, though there are a few exceptions. Code P applies to Bank 1 and P applies to Bank 2.

Most routinely, the air-fuel ratio will be measured through the oxygen sensors calculating the amount of oxygen and carbon monoxide present in exhaust gases.

When the code says that the Fuel System is “too rich,” it means that the computer has been subtracting more and more fuel, which is called Long Term Fuel Trim. Use a scantool and make sure drc sensor is working first. Inspect the harness connectors for the following conditions: You didn’t post which engine you have. Too much fuel is being injected. Get back on the road.


A defective Oxygen Sensor can sometimes cause a P Chris 15 years of experience. Shorted Fuel Injector windings can cause the injectors to spray too much fuel, causing a rich condition.

P0172 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

Start the engine, let it idle, and then check the Barometric Pressure reading on the scan tool data. This is your fuel system.

Got FIXD and found out it was a different issue. The error or the discrepancy will be detected the moment either of the time counters attains the highest value. When this happens, the computer knows that there is an improper condition in the control of the Fuel System. I have a Ford Taurus and the engine light drc on.

How do I fix the P trouble code? If you have a bank that is running too rich, which is unfortunately pp0172 very generalized condition, one or more of the following conditions must be true: What Causes Hoses to Leak? Essentially, this means that the Air Flow Sensor is telling the computer that much more air is entering the engine than actually is.

P0172 OBD-II: System Too Rich

Inspect your air filter to ensure it is not dirty and it is seated properly. Andie October 23, 02 dtx town and country code p fix…. P is not an Oxygen Sensor problem. If the fuel pressure regulator is stuck, it can cause a rich condition due to the high pressure.