Spells: You cast arcane spells, which are drawn from the duskblade spell list on page You can cast any spell you know without preparing it ahead of time. The Duskblade’s spell list is stealthily hiding on p. 24 of Players Handbook 2, after the sample starting package. The 0th level spells are listed. 18 items Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more!.

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dnd e – Level-0 spells for Duskblade? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Some people also use the Whip. I would take this at a higher level when it will be crucial to hit with a nova power dusbklade. This is one of the primary reasons that extreme reach is useful when playing a Duskblade. Starting at 3rd level, a duskblade can use a standard action to deliver touch-range spells he knows through his weapon as a melee attack, provided that the spell has a casting time of one standard action or less.

Originally Posted by The Giant. Spell List You only get 1 more spell known each level, so spwll spells you choose duskbladw of vital importance if you want to be a useful member of your party.

These characters are notoriously vulnerable to physical attacks thanks to their poor Armor Classes and very low hit points. Charisma — The traditional dump stat for many Melee builds.

The amount of information and level of detail you managed to fit in is impressive and much appreciated. Hold Monster – General utility. Gain bonus to AC for one attack. The duskblade’s eight-sided hit dice give the character a respectable number of hit points for an arcane spellcaster but not a great total kist a fighting character.

Be Bold You can fight just about as well as any of the strictly martial classes such as fighter or paladin, at least for a short while, and your arcane spells can pack quite a punch. A Half-Giant gets Powerful Build, which allows her to act as if she were 1 size category larger if it is advantageous to her.


Ability Scores Strength — Very important score, allows you to hit things in melee and deal more damage, but mostly ensures you hit things. Also, the class skill list is pretty slim, so if you want to invest in cross-class, it can be costly. I looked through the WoTC website and couldn’t find any information. Hope you found the rest of the info useful. Originally Posted by ManicOppressive.

The offensive bonuses of invisibility are not as useful to a Duskblade as to, say, a Rogue. What you get is an odd selection of desert and sand-themed spells that are situationally useful. This character’s healing spells can keep you on your feet when you take damage. For big multi-hit full attack Arcane Channels, reach improves your ability to stay safe and hit many enemies. About the Author Skip Williams keeps busy with freelance projects djskblade several different game companies and was the Sage of Dragon Magazine for many years.

Wisdom — Governs your Will saves and your perception skills. As lesser energy surgebut 2d6 damage. Your foes won’t always oblige you by staying within melee reach, so carry a martial ranged weapon even if your focus is your melee potential.

You can use a levitating shield, I guess, but even then that costs money. Join Date Sep Dyskblade 1, Dispel one magical effect on touched subject. Suffers from all the usual problems with blaster spells: In effect, you lose access to the old spell in exchange for gaining the new one. Join Date Duskblafe Posts In any case, this class is an option that lets you become more draconic if you are a non-dragon Dragonblooded subtype is allowed in this class.

Index of Spells by Class – Duskblade

Duskblades are proficient with all types of armor and all shields except tower shields. Unfortunately have to sit through two mostly dead levels to get this.


Doubles normal weapons threat range. Also by level 3, you can cast one spell as if you were a Wizard per day. Not a great race, but not as bad as others.

A good example of how this can be turned to your advantage is the Water Orc variant from the Unearthed Arcana section of the SRD- the extra CON and the slell speed are meant to be offset by a fire weakness, but the dragonborn template removes the penalty AND the light sensitivity common to all orcs while retaining both benefits and adding more on top.

Profession — Not worthwhile. My group was incredibly confused by Arcane Channeleing, since it looked like they gained the ability long before they get any touch spells.

Duskblade – level 1 spells – D&D Tools

This is basically better Swashbuckler. If you are, you are probably in the wrong class. But, it gets better still.

Disguise — Not needed. Of course, there are some standouts–e. Teleports nearby allies to your side. It’s tough to take advantage of your high attack bonus unless you’re djskblade to mix it up with foes at least once in a while.

Speed — Extra attack on full attack. Results 1 to 10 of Other duskblades can lead the charge into battle and toss off a few spells to even the odds when things get tough.

Still, there’s something deeply satisfying about defeating a powerful enemy with naked steel. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Blade of blood makes your weapon more potent.