Airport Information For EHRD. Printed on 27 Jan . Chart only to be used for cross-checking of altitudes while under. RADAR control. 2. VFR Chart of EHRD. IFR Chart of EHRD. Location Information for EHRD. Coordinates: N51°’ / E4°’ View all Airports in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Remain on Tower frequency until passing ‘, then contact SCHIPHOL. Departure and report altitude in order to verify SSR mode C by ATC.

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SIDs have to be considered as minimum noise routings which shall be strictly adhered to. These figures apply to take-off from RWY extremity. Four low visibility phases are recognised: Four low visibility phases are recognised:.

In case of communication failure leave the CTR via the shortest route, maintain altitude until outside the CTR, do not cross runway centre line or ILS areas and proceed to an appropriate aerodrome.

Outside these hours tel: Follow-me service is mandatory during taxiing.

For each runway at Rotterdam Ehtd a circling approach may be allowed or offered. Start climbing and complete the turn to the intended landing runway see figure. Lefthand circuit, altitude ft AMSL.


For obstacles in take-off area see AD 2.

EHRD – Rotterdam Airport | SkyVector

The Flight Service Centre can be reached by telephone H For such flights radio communications is chqrts compulsory. Departure instructions will be given. SAT for aircraft equipped with turbojet engines. The instrument departure procedures are laid down in standard instrument departures SIDs.

IFR Terminal Charts for Rotterdam-Zestienhoven (EHRD) (Jeppesen EHRD)

Permission for start-up will be issued either immediately or at a specified time. Initiate turns in due time in order not to overshoot radials. Additional instructions with respect to clearance limit, route and level. When it is safe to do so, the DMO will declare that ground handling and re-fuelling operations can be resumed. Landing of positioning flights between SID designation is composed of the following elements: Measuring of estimated surface friction: Box GA Rotterdam. Touchdown at displaced threshold.

GP chartx – Instructions containing deviations from the standard instrument departure may be added to the en route or take-off clearance. An en route clearance contains:. Box GC Ridderkerk.

  CBP 7523 PDF

Both areas are separated by the area between highway A13 and the Delftsche Schie. GP 06 – If a flight cannot take place, the slot time must always be cancelled, even if cancellation occurs on the day of the flight.

EAT, if holding procedures are applied. Pilots shall adhere to the approach or charrts route as indicated on the charts, unless otherwise instructed by ATC. In case of an overshoot enter the relevant traffic circuit and inform ATC.

IVAO Netherlands Division

Eyrd guidance sign boards, stand markings, boundary lines, self parking, follow-me car and marshaller assistance AVBL. These instructions may comprise an opposite turn after take-off, maintaining a specified heading or temporary altitude restrictions; this additional instructions amend the relevant part of the SID only.

During periods of low visibility the overall ATC capacity is reduced. RWY guard lights at holding positions.