The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett The .. Al punto da credere ‘ancora’ in valori come l’amicizia, e perfino l’onestà. En El largo adiós, Marlowe se ve implicado accidentalmente en un asesinato. Deberá resolver el misterio antes de que la policía. Title, El largo adiós. Volume of Letras universales. Author, Raymond Chandler. Editor, Alfredo Arias. Translated by, José Luis López Muñoz. Publisher .

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By contrast, The Long Goodbye is long, slow, dull, and sad. There are several structural flaws, though each can be quelled with the same irrefutable response. I’ve read all of Chandler’s other Marlowe novels, of which I’ve loved.

Just do not expect a straight line across the pages to finger the real murderer. Do you have to read the other 5 books of his series before reading The Long Goodbye?!?

He has a sense of justice and duty – often not accepting payment for some of his PI work out of principle the principles were not often clear to me. Verso la fine, stessa inquadratura del mitico finale: Almost none of it made sense. In Chandler’s world, the majority of bad raimnod that happen to people happen because of those people’s own actions and attitudes; because they are petty, because they are weak, because they are greedy, because they are spineless.

I could learn to hate this guy without even knowing him.

El largo adiós / The Long Goodbye

The scene where Eileen tries to seduce Marlowe in a dazed state just seemed absurd and strategically put in place by the author to provide a lead to the protagonist.

He wrote it as his wife was dying. As a mystery book it is really third-rate, so let us just call it classic drama with some mystery elements, just to be fair. Wade’s rl induced amnesia was another such conundrum yet a strategic glue that held the story together or should I say, that ensured that there was a story to begin with.


Classic Jupiter-Jowett Terry says: The Wades each try to convince Marlowe to stay at their house to keep Roger writing instead of drinking, and though he refuses, he ends up making further trips to the house at their behest. Because that’s an important thing to know about Chandler, especially to understand the mystique surrounding his work and enduring popularity, is that he was a bit of a rough-and-tumble fellow himself, although unusually so; a pipe-smoking, chess-studying, erudite nerd who was nonetheless a heavy boozer and womanizer, someone who not only managed to snag a lucrative corporate executive job in the middle of the Great Depression but also lose it because of showing up to work drunk too many times in a row.

In addition to his short stories, Chandler published just seven full novels during his lifetime though an eighth in progress at his death was completed by Robert B. Once there, Marlowe grills her on the death of Terry Lennox’s wife. In Raymond Thornton Chandler was an American novelist and screenwriter.

Altogether, the novel reads like two different shorter, better novels jammed together to form one long mess of one. Wade calls Marlowe again, asking him to come by to have lunch with him.

The Long Goodbye 1 5 Jan 22, The rating of this book is 3 stars with one more half of a star added for its classic status. The wars, Chandler suggests, have taken our innocence, and left us worn-out, seedy, cynical and self-obsessed.

Ten years from now guys like Hernandez and me will be doing Rohrschach tests and word associations instead of chin-ups and target practice. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


El largo adiós (Philip Marlowe, #6) by Raymond Chandler (2 star ratings)

I was able to sit down and breeze through it in less than two hours. I don’t get it. Largoo course, I wish I could have done more. Alcohol is like love This was my first time reading Raymond Chandler.

His dialogue seems to have just fallen directly from the swollen lips of a trash-talking demiurge. Marlowe is willing to help a man down on his luck, but later Lennox commits suicide in Mexico and things start to turn nasty.

The twist ending, by the way, is fantastic.

All in all I found this to be pretty tedious, and I don’t think I’ll be revisiting Chandler any time soon. After Cissy’s death, Chandler’s loneliness worsened his propensity for clinical depression; he returned to drinking chandlre, never quitting it for long, and the quality and quantity of his writing suffered. I understand that Marlow is chivalrous, that he’s a romantic holdover from a more dignified age living This book is well-written, but it has a central problem that I can’t overlook enough to enjoy it.

Hardcoverpages. Because in many ways, a trench-coated tough-talking Bogart type is bad casting when it came to the Marlowe that Chandler originally presented rraimond the public; his Marlowe is a lot more like the author himself, a quiet intellectual who mostly enjoyed staying at home, who talked in the clipped and fhandler way he did merely because he was a borderline sociopath and nihilist, who wanted as little to do with the rest of humanity as possible.

I’m no bargain to anyone.