“Unitor” and “SoundDiver” are registered trademarks of. Emagic Soft- und Hardware GmbH. Credits. The contributors to the Unitor8/AMT8/MT4 product line are. Check out the Emagic AMT-8 page at Sweetwater — the world’s We’ve placed the entire Kurzweil K manual on our ftp site for your. Hi I just bought a used Emagic AMT 8 midi interface. It came without a power supply and it says nowhere in the manual what power it requires.

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When using lots of external MIDI devices, a dedicated multiport interface definitely is a must have. The Unitor8 units have some extra timing features like smpt but, I don’t know much about that.

FS: Emagic AMT8 Midi Interface | VI-CONTROL

I don’t think it is of much use these days. It also has the ability to work in a,t8 alone mode, so you don’t have to run your synths through a DAW, but have direct access to your MIDI devices. This interface, by many seen as outdated, is actually still supported in OSX The original pref pane, however, has not been working since OSX Fortunately there is a solution for this Kurt Arnlund has written his own pref pane that works from OSX You need this pref pane to program the MIDI interface for stand alone mode.


He was also kind enough to email me an application to filter out certain sysex messages and generally very helpful. You can also find the user manual on his site.

Emagic amt8 manual pdf

My unit was very cheap, just about 30 EUR, but it came without a power supply. I had one of those lying around with a faulty 5 VDC line, so now that works happily together with my Emagic amt8: Just make sure it is 9 VAC and mA. Nobody wants these anymore, since they are practically useless with only serial connection, especially on the mac.

So it maanual be quite possible to get one for a very decent price. Here is the trick: And it’s cheap too!! You can chain up to 8 units together this way.

All in all, this unit is rock solid and highly recommended. Indsendt af Flemming Skovgaard Agerkvist kl.