Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Emporia Elegance Handys ( Seite 1 von 48) (Englisch). Auch Unterstützung und erhalten Sie das Handbuch per. EMPORIA Mobile Phone User Manuals PDF download free – Click, Flip, Euphoria , Smart, Elegance, Care Pkus, Essence, Talk Comfort, Emporia Mobile Phones. Falls Sie Ihre Anleitung nicht finden können, wenden Sie sich an die nächste . Emide, emmi-dent, Emotion, Emporia, Emporia, Emporia MA, EMTEC, EMU.

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The gebrxuchsanleitung pages of the user guide let you choose how much time you want to spend acquainting yourself with the most important functions of your mobile phone.

On-off key Loudspeaker To switch on and off: End call — Change the receiver volume during a call — Flashlight key — Short keypress: The SIM card Subscriber Identity Module is the small card with the clipped corner, which you got from your network provider. It serves as identification in the mobile phone network. The battery included with your mobile phone should be charged for at least 4 hours before your first call. Plug the power cord into an outlet.

Insert the charge cable into the socket on the bottom of the mobile phone. This will turn the mobile phone on. When you turn on your phone for the first time, you will be gebrauhsanleitung to select a display language: Using move to the desired language and select it with However, this is not possible with all network providers.

Press the key on the right hand side of the phone. The screen will display the menu. Press in standby mode: Phonebook will be displayed. Use to navigate to the desired entry. To save yourself entering new telephone numbers into the phone book, you can have them sent to you. Tobias — The telephone number has to be entered including the area code. Numbers Dialled 3 second keypress: The list of most recently dialled numbers will be displayed with date and time signature 2.

Use to scan the list 3. You may repeat this as often as you like.

Otherwise shut off the alarm by pressing 3. Ring tone, vibration, keypad tone, text message tone and confirmation tone off; Every key represents several signs, depending on how often you press the key. You may delete or change signs in the entered text later on.


I Made a Mistake. You only pay for sending them. Some landline gebraucheanleitung can also receive SMS. Press the key on the right of the mobile phone.

User manuals

To send the completed text, press 2. Select Send with the key. A Telephone number already saved in the phone book: Select Search by pressing 5. Open Phonebook by pressing again. You can now read the message. For longer texts, scroll down with the key.

Once made or selected from the template list they help save time when writing SMS messages. Existing templates can be changed before sending them. To de-activate or activate this service, proceed as follows: The entries may be saved to the phone, or the SIM card. We recommend saving your phone book regularly to a SIM back-up available in stores, for instance as key pendants. Press the key on the right side of your mobile phone. Use to scroll to Phonebook and select it with 3. Use to navigate to Entry and select it with 4.

Use or the key pad to navigate to the entry to be edited, and select it with 5. The Five Most Important Numbers Your five most important numbers can be placed at the beginning of the phone book list, regardless of their alphabetical order. Press and hold for your Top1 entry, the number is dialled; Press and hold for Top2, and so on … You have opened a call list, and want to save the telephone number in your phone book.

You may transfer your phone book list to another mobile phone, or — Telephone: Your phone book list stays in your phone when changing SIM cards. Memory location determines if you are opening a phone book entry from SIM memory, phone memory, or from both locations.

Press the key on the right of your mobile phone. Receiver volume, key tones, SMS tone and confirmation signal are also set to maximum volume.

Use gebrauchsanleitunng setting if you are in noisy surroundings, for instance on a bus. Anyone may send you phone book entries by SMS. They will be stored automatically in your phone book. No one can send you phone book entries.

However, entries will be displayed as SMS. In case this number is not stored in your phone or on your SIM card, you will be prompted to enter the number. Never keep the phone in your chest pocket. To the greatest possible extent under current law emporia will not be liable under any circumstances for the following situations: Packaging and packaging materials are recyclable and should always be returned.

  ASTM D1242 PDF

Batteries do not belong into domestic garbage! As a consumer you are required by law to recycle used batteries. You may return the to your local collection point or to the dealer. You will begin to be charged for a phone call you initiated once someone or your voicemail has answered on the other end. How long will my phone work until I have to charge it again? The gebrauchsanleltung time depends among other things on the distance from the transmitter if you are far away from it, the mobile phone needs a lot more energy to maintain contacton the number of calls, and the volume setting.

Did I select this function, or not? Your current setting is indicated by the checked box The new setting is indicated by a bar. If it does not begin to charge battery symbol displayed contact gebrauchsanlektung service centre, as the battery or the charger may be defective.

Is it possible to hide my number? Page of 48 Go. Switching gebrauchswnleitung Mobile Phon To get you acquainted with your new mobile phone as quickly as. The following pages of the user guide let you choose how. We hope you will have fun with your phone, and wish you all the best. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 3 Flashlight key — Short keypress: Inserting The Sim Card 1.

Emporia – Schematics & Service Manuals PDF

Charging The Battery 1. Switching The Mobile Phone On 1.

Deactivating The Pin Prompt 1. Dialling With The Key Pad 2. Dialling From The Phone Book 2. Page 21 I Made a Mistake. Sms Text Messages 4. Creating And Inserting Templates 4. Editing The Phone Book 4. The Most Important Numbers 4. Phone Book Settings 4. Sms Into Phone Book 4. Warranty To the greatest possible extent under current law emporia will not be liable under any circumstances for the following situations: Page 45 How long will my phone work until I have to charge it again?

Page 46 Did I select this function, or not? Comments to this Manuals Your Name.