Tecnodonto Odontologia Avanzada’s photo. MAR Curso de Morfologia dental y Encerado de diagnostico. Public. · Hosted by Tecnodonto Odontologia. Encerado Diagnóstico: simulación en los modelos dentales de las futuras Carillas Ortodoncia BioEstética Dr. Moises Martinez Leyva shared Clínica Dental. Encerado diagnóstico de nuestro nuevo caso de #diseñodesonrisa #carillas # lentesdecontatodental #veneers #cosmeticdentistry #dentist #odontologia #usa.

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Aproveitando a luz ambiente dos dias nublados para fotografar. If it was easy everyone could do it. El objetivos es que logremos pasividad en estas estructuras.

Probar el jig en boca. The goal is enecrado the final prothesis will have passive fit over all the implants and their abutments. Splint in mouth impression abutments. Fabricate a gypsum Type IV jig around temporary or impression abutments.

Screw one abutment at the time and check if there is a passive fit, than screw al the abutments. A diagnostic wax up in the hands of a master. When i did this wax up 2 years encwrado i did the teeth first. After that i realy tryd to challenge myself and set the bar high with the wax up. I searched for all natural gingiva’s on IG. Looked for the smallest details and tryd to copied it in pink wax around the waxed teeth to create the same picture i used as a inspiration in wax. Part 2 wax up from 2 years ago.


Remember 2 years ago? It’s been a busy week: Este fue el resultado final.

Estos casos que me encanta hacer, bienvenidos siempre! Enceraod more information about anatomy of the differents teeth, DM me on instagram! For more information about my work, DM me on instagram. The media is wax, the artists are in our diagnostic wax up department and the sculptures are natural life like teeth.

Curso de Morfologia dental y Encerado de diagnostico

High quality detailed wax up serves two very important purposes. First it helps with case presentation and acceptance. Second it serves as an extremely accurate model for the temporaries. Caso realizado por Dr. Anterior Group Mandible Wax-up Performance. Sungguh ini wax up yang sulit. Foto de un Caso real. Getting in the spirit with a Halloween themed study break!

Can you still tell I got teeth on my mind? Back to work after some well-earned fun! Playing weekend catch up on some prepping.


Servicios Dentales Visalia | Endodoncia | Blanqueamiento dental

We had our second gross anatomy exam and are now heading into our final and most important block on head and neck this week. All we can say is that this semester is flying by! UB School of Dental Medicine.

NYU College of Dentistry.