When Enemy Combatant was first published in the United States in hardcover in [Moazzam Begg] describes his incarceration with restraint, precision, and. Enemy Combatant is a memoir by British Muslim, Moazzam Begg, co-written by Victoria Brittain, former Associate Foreign Editor for The Guardian, about Begg’s. Moazzam Begg is a British Pakistani who was held in extrajudicial detention by the US The US authorities held Begg as an enemy combatant, claiming Begg was an al-Qaeda member, who recruited for, and provided money for, al-Qaeda.

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That’s not very clever, nor is it very honest”. I think you’ve seen too many movies The book starts from the time when Begg was in Pakistan on a family vacation enjoying the land of his ancestors. It is defiantly one of the best books i’ve read. He says that while there he was hog-tiedkicked, punched, left in a room with a bag put over his head even though co,batant suffered from asthmasworn at, beyg access to a lawyer, and threatened with electric shocks, having his fingers broken, sexual abuse, and, with extraordinary rendition to Egypt or Syria if he did not sign confessions.

I spent countless nights praying, crying, thinking Many of the soldiers, being from the south, liked listening to country and western music, which most detainees regarded as the same as all other “English” music. A British passport was issued in[95] but in it was confiscated at Heathrow airport upon Begg’s return from a trip to South Africa.

And the sadness was almost sweet. I had to ask them for prayer times, as I could not hear the prayer call from the main camp. How did this come about? They were offering me deals, including a witness-protection programme, to testify against anybody and everybody that they wanted. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman later said there was “no credible evidence that Begg was ever abused by US forces”, and US intelligence officials insisted Begg had exaggerated the harshness of his treatment, [4] [33] though Whitman declined to answer whether Begg’s abuse allegations had ever been investigated.

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Raban criticised enejy “notably talentless” dialogue writing, “Perhaps Begg really did strike up a warm relationship with soldier Jennifer … but only in bad fiction do people speak this way”.

Sometimes they’d take me to an outside toilet – used by the military as there wasn’t one upstairs. Retrieved 14 November In other projects Wikimedia Commons. My cell, my new home, measured about 8ft x 6ft. Begg co-authored a book, and has written newspaper and magazine articles.

Begg says they first met in Bosnia and later both invested in a business venture selling traditional Pakistani clothing but that Begg never met any of al-Deek’s al-Qaeda contacts. No one was talking to him.

Enemy Combatant (book) – Wikipedia

I came here to tell the truth – It makes my combxtant ache to read this book. Begg was swept up and transported first to Khandahar, then Bagram and finally Guantanamo, where he endured solitary confinement, endless interrogation and abuse.

At least the Taliban provided security and were building roads, and as opposed to the warlords, they seemed honest”. It’s really unfortunetly that really struggle for freedom has been stained by these Al Qaeda terriorst. InBegg was an advisor, and was due to appear as himself, bsgg the Scottish software company T-Enterprise in the development of a video game entitled Rendition: There are no winners in this’.

From a parallel world

It was maddening to hear them refer to “the camps”, as if every training camp in the recent history of the Muslim world had been under al-Qaida’s umbrella. Guards tied my hands behind my back, hog-tied me so that my hands were shackled to my legs, which were also shackled. I picked up everything in my cell and smashed it to the ground; I kicked the walls, I kicked the door, I punched it, I started swearing and crying.

I couldn’t forget for a moment that these were the same men who ordered my punishment in Bagram. He says he was in the process of starting the school, and intended to work in it as an aid worker.

InGita Sahgalthen head of Amnesty’s gender unit, publicly condemned her organisation for its collaboration with Begg because of his association with CAGE.

My years in captivity

Jul 22, Adam rated it really liked it. Retrieved 23 February They’d constantly play ear-splitting heavy comhatant tracks by Marilyn Manson to break down new detainees.

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Moazzwm 25 November InBegg married, and in earlyhe and his new family moved to Peshawar, Pakistan. I was elated for them; but it was made clear that I was not going with them. Retrieved 2 October Begg said he visited a camp where US-backed nationalist and Islamic rebels were training to fight the Soviet-backed Afghan government.

Once I thought, when the screams started up, “I am just going to slip my wrists out of the shackles, hit the guard, grab the weapon off him and go next door to stop what is happening. It happened to me, Andrew. Were you planning to assassinate?

Begg interviewed American imamand alleged al-Qaeda senior figure, Anwar al-Awlaki after al-Awlaki was released from jail in Yemen in So this was it: She said its “Counter Terror With Justice” campaign “constitutes a threat to human rights”. He donated a few hundred British pounds to that camp and a third training camp.

They allowed me to make some selected alterations, but kept in the most blatant untruths, like being a front-line fighter with al-Qaida, and money I had sent to Kashmiris in being used in the September 11 attacks.

That being said, this book is really the story of one man’s confrontation with himself. Begg notes that he visited a second Afghan training camp, near Jalalabadfor two or three days during that time. People began to sing spontaneously, or to recite poetry. He was given a document by his interrogators which was an admission of guilt that he had signed some years earlier when he arrived at Guantanamo Bay. Most of the time, when he was in my room, Foshee sat there reading the Bible, and we didn’t speak.

The Pentagon claims that he was “prepared to fight in the front line against allied forces”. They were both huge, obese, in the style of New York street cops.