Nur zu, mein Lieber! Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Dazu bräuchte man links etwas mehr Fleisch. Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Leica Lens Saga. Limited Edition of pc! By Erwin Puts. evolution – optical design – evaaluation – future. Berek´s Legacy: the 50 mm lens for Leica.

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The alignment of the sensor, the adjustment of the rangefinder show now a level of precision that was impossible to achieve in the past unless a very experienced worker did the job, when allowing this person all the time s he needed. In this regard I am completely comfortable asserting that the image quality of the Leica M Type is state of the art and superb.

The problems with the leia straps that came loose might be attributed to pressure to hold the production volume and rrwin current problems with the sensor cover glass might be attributed to insufficient testing in the prototype stages. Was Rolls-Royce untrustworthy in the time that the number of horsepower was keica as: Currently the Leica products S, M, X excel in simplicity, high performance, quality engineering and compact size the S system is still compact relative to the competition.

These characteristics today apply also to the smartphone or the mirrorless compact. Leica Compendium by Erwin Puts.

A pragmatic conclusion might be that the exposure latitude lekca high, but overexposure should be avoided at all cost. The management of both companies realized that the reliance on one highly evolved product, however successful, makes the company vulnerable and both tried to expand their ranges. In the past the M6 was a pillar of trust and stability.

The proper role lejca a technical journalist, according to GC, is to inform the reader about the properties and possible use of the equipment under review for the photographic practitioner. The Leica M10, early updated 20 Jan The results are still impressive today. I will publish a report soon, but is always satisfying to note that the normal black-and-white techniques are still supported with innovative products.


The Fujifilm X-range has its flaws and yes the Leica M9 models are not flawless eitherbut these cameras show thinking from the heart of the photographer, that is the person who still cares about the meaning of a photograph. The new Leica X type code The MP is the original M6 with some elements of the M3. The camera body has the same dimensions as the M9 weight is more by grams: Leica has always focused on high-precision opto-mechanical constructions and the design of the classical Leica rangefinder camera evolved around the 35 mm film cassette.

There is hardly any respect for the product or eriwn engineers who designed and manufactured the product, a camera as example. I would propose that this approach might become the new paradigm for Leica photography in the digital age.

The digital technology that is now the backbone of the various Leica cameras has one rather unforeseen consequence.

So what is the big deal with the M8? The report praises the Leica M in a very poetic way: The actual Leica company is no exception. ISO for both cameras Sensitivity range exposure meter: How much is enough?

Leica M10 | LEICA

The only really big companies were the chemical film producers, like Kodak, Agfa and Fuji. Mechanical Leica cameras have an indefinite working life, because spare parts are easy to find or to copy and any competent repair person can service this type of camera.

It feels incredible, it is superbly made and it is probably the state of the art in 35 mm image quality under real world shooting conditions. If it lleica a non-replicable anomaly I will not report about it. Depth of field and elongated objects may spoil the effect.

But the German model may be under siege.

Free Resources for Leica Fans

The exhibition shows that the role of the Leica has been taken over or more accurately is on the verge of being taken over by the smartphone. We have to putss on the other hand that Facebook and Youtube and all other media are great in communication and even greater in democratization of the photograph.

Study the pictures of Renger-Patsch to see how a technically perfect picture can have deep meaning. Main menu and Favorites select individually preferred menu functions The list ewrin menu items is slightly different The user interface has been changed M: Assembling parts into cameras does add less value than it once did. Crawley also took much care to frame his conclusions in such a manner that the critical reader could make up his mind about the importance and relevance of the reviewed equipment for his goals, intents and working style.


It is an expensive, hand-crafted, special-purpose machine that has its own personality and its own quirks and limitations. The specifications are identical to the original X2 and the exterior is upgraded to match the new T-system: Produce a wide range of product lines and fill every possible niche. Adapt your workflow such that the time spend with Lightroom or Photoshop can be eliminated.

The menu structure has been rethought ptus and aligns itself closer to the S-design: After being a household name in photography, Canon embarked on a high-end professional range, the redoubtable F1 camera.

Leica Lens Saga – Erwin Puts [PUTLENS]

The pictures were made with different reproduction and sizing scales. And here we see the other side of the coin.

That is why the black-and-white silver-halide pictures show more punch and have a more pleasing visual effect. They are meant only for comparison within the camera range. Between and Leica cameras have seen a kind of roller coasting development, but now it seems as if Leica has at last rediscovered its roots at least those of the iconic CRF models. Posted August 20, Customer Forum Search In. From what I read here or at any forum with modern Leica users it is not what most of us are after with Leica.

Being purely mechanical, with a sprinkling of electro-mechanical linkages, the performance of the whole depended on the precise interaction of all different parts. The path from learning and mastering has been made shorter and straighter with the introduction of the M Off, 1s, 3s, 5s, Hold Capture assistants: