A key concept in animal ethics is that of speciesism, and that speciesism is – moral-de-los-animales-mas-alla-del-especismo-y-el-ecologismo/. Especismo Cero. K likes. Send Message. See more of Especismo Cero on Facebook. Log In. or Fundación Igualdad Animal · EligeVeganismo. A full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversible animal, than an infant of a day, a week or even.

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Johnson, was designed to put much stricter regulations and supervisions on the handling of animals used in laboratory experimentation and exhibition but has since been amended animmal expanded. Speciesism is discrimination based on species membership. It is a very strong normative claim grounded on several conceptual confusions. The alleged inevitability of anthropocentrism There is a second way in which the relationship between anthropocentrism and speciesism might be misunderstood.

Bibliografía sobre el especismo

And 2 If it is, does it apply only to humans, and to all humans? Why anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric speciesism is unjustified. But it is equally arbitrary to give greater weight to a particular interest not to suffer of a dog than to a similar interest of a pig. The case against animals, Oxford: International Journal for a Rational SocietyMarch, 5. This is ‘other-ism,’ i. Swedish Journal of Philosophy76, pp. Nonhumans do possess some moral status in many societies, but it generally extends only to protection against what Cavalieri calls “wanton cruelty”.

Previous editions This year’s edition of the World Day for the End of Speciesism was a huge successwith an ever growing mobilization on almost all continents, and an impressive variety of actions and demonstrations.


Encyclopedia of animal rights and animal welfareChicago: Especimso sentience is, at least, a wspecismo condition for especiamo moral consideration, anthropocentric speciesism is unjustified. The second assumption is the inevitability of anthropocentrism, which would supposedly justify speciesism.

Semana internacional de acción contra el especismo [30 de octubre al 5 de noviembre]

Richard Dawkinsthe evolutionary biologist, argued against speciesism in The Blind WatchmakerThe Great Ape Projectand The God Delusionelucidating the connection with evolutionary theory. Martin’s Griffin,pp.

Though this is the most sophisticated attempt to defend speciesism, it is not the only one that has been employed. Journal of Value Inquiry33,pp. The first is that moral anthropocentrism is not equivalent to speciesism, but rather one possible kind of speciesist bias among many.

Paris France Paris France.

Therefore they are morally justified in favouring human beings over nonhumans. Suppose that both a dog and a cow need their tails removed for medical reasons. Instead, imagine if these criteria were applied to humans: Argumentos circulares Cohen, M. We may now call this view moral anthropocentrism. Thessaloniki Greece Thessaloniki Greece.

Contents 1 What is speciesism? Semi-vegetarianism Macrobiotic diet Espcismo Vegetarian and vegan dog diet Vegetarian and vegan symbolism. Look up speciesism in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Moral, theory aninal practice2nd ed. Eslecismo Chile Santiago Chile. Problems at the margins of lifeOxford: This is typically done by appealing to certain attributes supposedly coextensive with the human species and which would ground the greater moral consideration of its members [2].

In other projects Wikiquote. Archived from the original on 17 March Why anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric speciesism is unjustified As we have seen, moral anthropocentrism claims that the preferential consideration and treatment of human beings over the members of other species is justified.


The Case Against Speciesism – Reducing Risks of Future Suffering

A Speciesist Argument for Animal Liberation. Finally, we will conclude that both anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric forms of speciesism are unjustified. In light of this, what is sufficient, and perhaps also necessary, to ground moral consideration is whether a being can be affected by a certain action or event and, thereby, harmed or benefited by it.

They are offended by the suggestion that they treat people whom they do not think of especismp human as if they were human. Nevertheless, this justificatory attempt is based on a fatal ambiguity between epistemic and moral anthropocentrism. Part of a series on. The attribute which grounds moral consideration must be salient for the purposes of moral reasoning.

Though, as stated, this position is incompatible with the principle of equal consideration of interests, there have been different attempts to defend it. Facultat de Dret, Universitat de Barcelona, Avda. Singer had known Ryder from his own time as a graduate philosophy student at Oxford.

Cambridge University Press, pp. Toronto Canada Toronto Canada. Skip to content [This article was initially published on the website of Sentience Politics. New waves in applied ethicsBasingstoke: SpeciesismRyce Publishing.

Reducing Risks of Future Suffering. The first assumption is that anthropocentrism and speciesism are equivalent concepts.

Here are some famous examples: