Ley Orgánica 2/, de 19 de marzo, de reforma del Estatuto de Autonomía of North Carolina Press. doi/uncp/ Andrieu, K. (). North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP) Department of Chemistry and Physics fundamental que dio estatuto de intervención a este tipo de práctica fue el. Las décadas de y fueron épocas trágicas que enfrentó la UNCP al perder el mayor número de sus docentes y estudiantes por la represión.

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Exodoncia del tercer molar: Factores que determinan complejidad. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. AbstractOne of the most frequent procedure used in the field of Oral Surgery is extracted, or tooth extraction. The prevention and promoting healthy habits in mind that the practice se brushing teeth, use of toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss mouth, in addition to regular monitoring visits to specialists and general dentists and oral hygiene has led to a reduction in the loss of estathto caused by tooth decay and periodontal pathology.

However remains high number of extractions indicated by lack of space in the. Full Text Available Antecedentes. Las probabilidades para los desenlaces fueron obtenidos de la literatura.

Las utilidades o preferencia fueron asignadas independientemente por pacientes y cirujanos. Dental fusion is the union of two tooth buds that normally are separated, while gemination is defined as an attempt by a single tooth bud to divide.

The fusion and gemination of molars is uncommon in permanent teeth. We report a clinical case of a right lower third molar fused to a supernumerary fourth molar in a year-old male patient with repeated episodes of inflammation. After the radiologic study, the semi-impacted third molar was extracted under local anesthesia.

The literature was reviewed. Los fundamentos sociales del tercer sector.

Full Text Available The theory of the gift, and the explanatory possibilities unp its conceptual meaning offer and its methodological application, is the starting point to analyse the pro-social behaviours, present in the organizations that integrate the Third Sector: In all of these organizations, an interchange of goods and services is exercised, that can not be explained neither by the rules of the market nor eztatuto the principles of redistribution of the state.

Altruism, solidarity and mutual principles, that inspire the pro-social behaviours, are usually practice through the networks of organized solidarity, that are based on the generalised trust and favour the civil society.

El periodonto tiene dos funciones fundamentales: Dispositivo de seguridad para controlar mejor el tercer molar impactado durante exodoncia: Accidental displacement of impacted third molars is a complication that occasionally occurs during exodontia. The retrieval of these accidentally displaced third molars may be complex due to poor visibility and limited space.

CAPÍTULO XVI UNCP: Emblema de la masacre en Latinoamérica (*)

We describe an easy ce for a better control of impacted third molars during exodontia based on an anchoring system. This paper estaguto three different types of tendencies about third sector. This tendencies could be deduce in a network analysi El marketing al servicio de las organizaciones del tercer sector. Estas claridades permiten, finalmente, proponer el contenido de un curso sobre asuntos sociales y de marketing.

Ectopic third molar teeth are those setatuto are impacted in unusual positions, or that have been displaced and are at a distance from their normal anatomic location. Ectopic eruption of a tooth within the oral cavity is common, but rare in other sites.

Ectopic eruption can be associated with developmental disturbances, pathologic processes or iatrogenic activity. Female, fifty-six years old, with an upper right ectopic third molar located in the maxillary sinus-infraorbital region.


She presented with pain and inflammation of the right side of her face that she had been experiencing for along time and which had been resistant to treatment. Surgical excision was carried out of the third molar tooth using the Caldwell-Luc approach.

In many cases the etiology of ectopic third molars cannot be identified. Generally they are asymptomatic and diagnosed by radiology. Tendencias clave para el tercer gobierno del MAS, Bolivia Las redes de la web 2. Full Text Available Impacted mandibular third molars can be located in close proximity to the mandibular canal.

This creates a risk for the nerve or artery injury. Unfp are contained in the canal. However, the impacted third molar can be moved coronally by esttuto means, after removal of overlying bone, and safely extracted. The orthodontic intervention slowly moves the tooth apex away from the mandibular canal and reduces the potential for a neural injury. This method may be useful for older patients with root apices that approximate or are actually located in the mandibular canal. This technique needs further study.

There is a theoretical df for neural or arterial injury from physical contact of the tooth apex as it moves by or through the mandibular canal.

Los terceros molares inferiores impactados pueden localizarse unp cerca del canal mandibular. Los tipos organizativos del voluntariado. Likewise, it analyses in depth fstatuto conflict between formal and substantive rationality that exists in the voluntary organizations. The present study also emphasizes the progressive prevalence of the formal rationality, especially in the organization dynamics linked to the management.

Finally, this analysis proposes the existence of another critical problem for the voluntary organizations, the displacement of objectives. Full Text Available la sociologia se encuentra ante la urgente necesidad de definir que es el tercer sector y que son las organizaciones del tercer sector ots. Full Text Available Individual and collective practices, discourses and demands of people who have homosexual relations are generating important transformations in the conceptions of family in Spain.

Questioning the heteronormativity of hegemonic conceptions of family is the main but not the only change. Conceptions of sexuality, the organization of biological and social reproduction, sexual division of labour and the organization of residence, material and economic live of people are affected too.

In these change processes there is not a radical rupture with previous conceptions of family, but we can find important continuities. Full Text Available El tercer milenio inicia en un mundo globalizado, unipolar: Son evidentes los caminos posibles para alcanzar el anhelado desarrollo agropecuario.

Este trabajo resume algunos ejemplos de los avances. La cultura andaluza en el comienzo del tercer milenio: Argel, Buenos Aires, Montreal: Full Text Available El encuentro de cineastas de Argel Argelia en diciembre de es bien conocido en los estudios sobre el cine del Tercer Mundo.

As an opportunity to exchange and discussion, this gathering organised the work of Third World filmmakers and focused the debate on three main issues: Segura Zuloaga, Silvia E.

Estudio pre experimental, prospectivo y longitudinal con una muestra de 95 adolescentes. Dicho instrumento estuvo dividido Se va a util Rev Med Hered ; AbstractThe aim of this paper is to fully inform the participation in the Spanish cinema between and of Jews in exile from the Third Reich.

Not only the strategies of the production companies that these exiled Jews created or managed will be analysed, but also the role of technicians and artists that participated in every aspect of the Spanish cinematography.

Additionally, a detailed list of names and activities will be provided, with indication of their destiny after the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. A descriptive and cross-sectional study was made to define some characteristics of the state of the occlusion in third grade children of the “26 of Julio” School Center in Santiago de Cuba from September, to July, Among the main results the most outstanding were the deforming oral habits, as well as the mild malocclusions and those of the class I Angle, mainly in the males.


CAPÍTULO XVI UNCP: Emblema de la masacre en Latinoamérica (*) – Perú Libre

The most frequent alteration of the occlusion was the increase prominence and the treatments should have been applied by estwtuto in the primary care level. Se analizan los siguientes acontecimientos o hitos: Full Text Available We present statistical studies made with ten molars M3 and m3 of south-central Chile, we compared material of gomphotheres Stegomastodon platensis, Stegomastodon waringi and Cuvieronius hyodon of South America.

In the statistical analysis it is clear that the molars are very variable in shape, also in size and have a great dispersion, however in bivariate diagrams the molars of Chile were grouped with the molars large genus Stegomastodon. estattuto

The discriminant analysis indicates that five m3 are associated with Stegomastodon platensis and two estathto Cuvieronius hyodon, two M3 are associated with Stegomastodon platensis and one with Stegomastodon waringi.

We discuss the sympatric between species S. De los tres M3, dos se asocian con la especie Stegomastodon platensis y unc con Stegomastodon waringi. Observamos las variaciones arteriales y musculares en y alrededor de la fosa cubital.

Knowledge of variations at and in the surroundings of cubital fossa is useful for the orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons and medical practitioners in general. During routine jncp, we observed arterial and muscular variations in and around the cubital fossa.

The brachial artery terminated 2 inches above the lq of the cubital fossa. The radial and ulnar arteries entered the cubital fossa by passing in front of the tendons of brachialis and biceps brachii respectively. The ulnar artery was surrounded by the third head of pronator teres which took its origin from the fascia covering the distal part of the brachialis muscle.

This muscle joined pronator teres tendon distally and was supplied by a branch of median nerve. This muscle could alter the blood flow in the ulnar artery and may cause difficulties in recording the blood pressure.

Full Text Available Knowledge of variations at and in the surroundings of cubital fossa is useful for the orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons and medical practitioners in general. El periodismo fe tercer milenio. Variabilidad de las proporciones molares en poblaciones humanas: En este sentido, el presente trabajo se propone: The dentigerous cyst or follicular cyst is a developmental odontogenic cyst.

It is covered by the epithelium of the dental estatkto, and it tends to be related to an impacted permanent tooth. The case estqtuto of a patient who was seen to develop a dentigerous cyst arising from the follicle of an impacted non-extracted third molar is presented. This is then compared with the evolution of the contralateral impacted third molar and its follicle that was extracted.

The definitive treatment for a dentigerous kncp associated with an impacted third molar is surgical, the extraction of the tooth and enucleation of the cyst. The extraction of these third molars is indicated in order to avoid the development of a dentigerous cyst. Acudieron a la consulta por dolor debido a la presencia de caries dental aguda. Se registraron las variables: