Um diese Hilfe zu gewährleisten, haben sich die Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union (EU) auf Bestimmungen über die Rechte der Fluggäste geeinigt. Diese ist jedoch nur anwendbar, wenn der Flug in einem EU-Mitgliedstaat angetreten wird oder im Falle eines Antritts außerhalb der EU die Fluggesellschaft. Many translated example sentences containing “Fluggastverordnung” – English- German aber das EU-Recht (Fluggastverordnung, Pauschalreiserichtlinie), [.

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Such arrangements have yet to enter into operation. The first aim of ek paper is to determine the meaning of certain provisions of the Directive, through conceptual analysis and grammatical, systematic and teleological interpretation.

After outlining a normative perspective for institutional innovations, we argue that deliberative supranationalism is already more than Utopia. Where reference is made to this Article, passengers shall be offered free of charge: In respect of blind and visually fluggastverordmung persons, the provisions of this Article shall be applied using appropriate alternative means.

The internet and the rise of low-cost airlines have changed both business approaches and consumer behaviour patterns. In any event, the assistance shall be offered within the time limits set out above with respect to each distance bracket.

Fluggastverordnung – English translation – Linguee

The court ruled that according to German civil law the claim against a motor-own-damage insurer comprehensive insurance is not a valid substitute for a destroyed car as long as the insurer has not yet confirmed fluggxstverordnung.

Grenzen des Bestreitens mit Nichtwissen im Fluggastvverordnung. In particular, this Regulation shall in no way restrict the operating air carrier’s right to seek reimbursement from a tour operator or another person with whom the operating air carrier has a contract.

Dezember enthalten ist. Article 12 Further compensation 1. Since the latter also introduced a special compensation for recovery costs, attempt is made to determine its function as well. However, private regulation has always been present in Member States, and fragmented private rules could constitute barriers to the internal market.


Remember me on this computer. This Regulation shall only apply to passengers transported by motorised fluggastvedordnung wing aircraft. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The Directive provides for minimum harmonisation, allowing Member States to enact more consumer-friendly rules. The article discusses critically pros and cons of branch specific arbitration proceedings as organized and financed by industry associations like the federal association of public banks with an independent Ombudsman according to its rules of procedure. Ek substantiate this claim by briefly outlining a deliberative supranationalist analysis of comitology in the foodstuffs sector.

In addition, passengers shall be offered free of charge two telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails.

EUR-Lex – R – EN – EUR-Lex

Acting in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article of the Treaty 3in the light of the joint text approved by the Conciliation Committee on 1 Fluggastverordnuhg. Private rules and enforcement practices are of great relevance is the higher as they do not only complement publicly made rules but very often affect the content of such rules.

The sanctions laid down by Member States for infringements of this Regulation shall be effective, proportionate and dissuasive. Article 11 Persons with reduced mobility or special needs 1. Artikel 12 Weiter gehender Schadensersatz 1 Diese Verordnung gilt unbeschadet eines weiter gehenden Schadensersatzanspruchs des Fluggastes.

The European Parliament has supported the idea of reforming the law on package travel in two resolutions. Directors’ and officers’ liability Germany – liability and insurance coverage issues related to management liability. Remember me on this computer. This is critically important when statistical data Mietspiegel are not available for the town. The aim of the paper is to determine whether an adequate level of creditor protection from negative effects of late payment is achieved through the provisions fljggastverordnung the directive.

The distances given in paragraphs 1 and fluggashverordnung shall fluggastvefordnung measured by the great circle route method.


The paper highlights the deficiencies of the existent legal regime and provides for more satisfactory legal solutions de lege ferenda. The compensation granted under this Regulation may be deducted from such compensation. Where an operating air carrier which has no contract with the passenger performs obligations under this Regulation, it shall be regarded as doing so on behalf of the person having a contract with that passenger.

Article 14 Obligation to inform passengers of their rights 1. To see if this document has been published in an e-OJ with legal value, click on the icon above For OJs published before 1st Julyonly the paper version has legal value. This does not imply that interaction in comitology is identical with the normative ideal of deliberative supranationalism.

The article disusses the suggested amendments and weighs them critically, especially in light of the significant reduction of the level of consumer protection for passengers as established today by court rulings on various levels. New dispensations for in-house lawyers are therefore not possible anymore. Skip to main content.

The differences between the subjective and the objective concept of late payment are being discussed and the conclusion is drawn that the objective concept is more acceptable and favourable to creditors of monetary obligations.

It points out, however, that any analysis of the performance of supranational institutions needs to be conceptually open to the possibility that explaining the factual may need to rely on normative arguments. Click here to sign up.

Flug ausgefallen, verspätet oder überbucht

Die in Satz zwei des Art. The CESL is chosen and even symbolized by an already legendary blue button that consumers have to push in order to opt into the new European law. L vom