The Eurapipe ABS system comprises a range of matched pressure pipes and fittings, jointed together by a wide variety of methods including cold solvent cement. Euratech Industries Sdn. Bhd. is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sales of. Eurapipe ABS pressure pipes and fittings. Our products are widely used . MSDS. Eurapipe ABS Primer MSDS · Eurapipe ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit CPVC Solvent Cement MSDS [ KB.

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S51 Use only in well ventilated areas. Eurapipe Solutions Indonesia was established in and was the pioneer of polyethylene piping systems in Indonesia. C For manufactured product having a viscosity of at least cSt.


Application of a non-perfumed moisturiser is recommended. For large scale or continuous use wear tight-weave non-static clothing no metallic fasteners, cuffs or pocketsnon sparking safety footwear. Use water delivered as a fine spray to control the fire and cool adjacent area.

This document was provided by Pentair for Fusion.

Check for bulging containers. Hazardous polymerisation will not occur.

Some plastic personal protective equipment PPE e. Wash area and prevent runoff into drains.

Therefore emesis should not be induced mechanically or pharmacologically. S13 Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Use only spark-free shovels and explosion proof equipment.


A significant abz of most ketones is that the hydrogen atoms on the carbons next to the carbonyl group are relatively acidic when compared to hydrogen atoms in typical hydrocarbons. Observe the patient carefully. They are unlikely to bioconcentrate or biomagnify. Our comprehensive testing laboratory and rigorous testing procedures ensure the consistent manufacture of high quality products.

If signs of hypovolaemia are present use lactated Ringers solution.

Eurapipe | Camden International Sales, Inc.

Limited evidence suggests that repeated or long-term occupational exposure may produce cumulative health effects involving organs or eutapipe systems. Under conditions of high pH pH greater than 10the enolic proton is abstracted by base OH- forming a carbanion intermediate that may react with other organic substrates e. The repair process, which initially evolved to protect mammalian lungs from foreign matter and antigens, may however, produce further lung damage resulting in the impairment of gas exchange, the primary function of the lungs.

S43 In case wurapipe fire use Room air currents minimal or favourable to capture 1: Contain and absorb small quantities with vermiculite or other absorbent material. Use spark-free tools when handling.

See Hand protection below Hand protection: Avoid contact with incompatible materials. Observe manufacturer’s storage and handling recommendations contained within this MSDS. Watch for signs of respiratory insufficiency and assist ventilation as necessary. Cool fire exposed containers with water spray from a protected location. DO NOT allow wash water from cleaning or process equipment to enter drains.


Avoid smoking, naked lights, heat or ignition sources. Other useful analyses include anion and osmolar gaps, arterial blood gases ABGschest radiographs and electrocardiograph.

Ingestion may result in nausea, abdominal irritation, pain and vomiting Skin Contact: Transport to hospital, or doctor, eurapips delay.

Evidence shows, or practical experience predicts, that the material produces irritation of the respiratory system, in a substantial number of individuals, following inhalation. Heating may cause expansion or avs leading to violent rupture of containers. Vapour may travel a considerable distance to source of ignition. Biodegradation of this compound is expected based upon numerous screening tests. Use in a well-ventilated area. High production, heavy use 4: Prevent concentration in hollows and sumps.

It may be necessary to collect all wash water for treatment before disposal. Water spray or fog – Large fires only. Mechanical means should be used if it is considered necessary to evacuate the stomach sbs these include gastric lavage after endotracheal intubation. Many factors determine whether the reported Hazards are Risks in the workplace or other settings.

Ventilation equipment should be explosion-resistant. Personal protection Eye and face eurappipe