Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 4. THE FOURTH BOOK. CHAPTER I. ACCESSION OF JUSTIN. The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius narrates the history of the church from the start of the Nestorian controversy in until the death of Evagrius’ employer. Evagrius Scholasticus: Christianity: Historical and polemical writing: to was chronicled by Evagrius Scholasticus. The consequences of Chalcedon as.

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Liverpool University Press: Books: The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus

This Cabaones, he says–for it is worth while to use his own words during his able narration of this matter also–this Cabaones, as soon as he learned that the Vandals were marching against him, acted in the following manner.

AT the same period also took place the translation of the divine Ignatius, scholwsticus is recorded, with other matters, by John the rhetorician: Memnonius also rebuilt from the foundation, in a beautiful and elaborate style, the edifice which we name Psephium, leaving an unroofed court in the centre. Evagrius furnishes details concerning evagruus and personsand does not neglect works of art St. Hence the marvel, how far the pittance on which they subsist falls short of a sufficient allowance of food; foes of their own desires and of nature, but devoted to the wills of those around them, in order that fleshly enjoyment may be constantly expelled, and 42 the soul, diligently selecting and maintaining whatever is most seemly and pleasing to God, may alone bear sway: Together evagriuz the other treasures, he then carried off all that Titus, the evagius of Vespasian, had brought to Rome on the capture of Jerusalem; offerings which Solomon had dedicated to God.

Upon the whole, the preservation of his work must be a matter of satisfaction to the studious in history, whether ecclesiastical or civil.

Footnotes in [Red] are taken from the running titles, not the bottom of the page]. IN his time arose the stir about the impious Eutyches, when a partial synod was assembled at Constantinople, shcolasticus a written charge was preferred by Eusebius, bishop of Dorylaeum, who, while still practising as a rhetorician, was the first to expose the blasphemy of Nestorius.


We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. It has been preserved nearly entire to my time: For those who scholasticys together in companies are still not under the influence of any schloasticus those things which weigh down to the earth, since they possess no gold: After some other matter, they proceed to set forth fourteen chapters concerning the right and unimpeachable faith.

They, at the same time, gave orders, that, if he should manifest a perfect readiness to come down, liberty should be given him to follow out the course he had chosen, inasmuch as his compliance would be sufficient proof that under God’s guidance he persevered in this his 26 endurance: Whereas he was creating much confusion in the imperial court, and declared the proceeding of Eustochius to be utterly impious and lawless, the latter despatches to Constantinople Rufus, superior of the monastery of Theodosius, and Conon, of that of Saba, persons of the first distinction among the solitaries, both on account of their personal worth and the religious houses of which they were the heads; and with them were associated others scarcely their inferiors in dignity.

An account of his miracles has been written by one of those who were eye-witnesses, and an eloquent record by Theodoret, bishop of Cyrus: Justinian also erected the church of the holy Apostles, which may dispute the first place with evgarius other. The fire, however, receiving the water as if it had been oil or sulphur, or some other combustible, continually increased, until it had completely levelled the entire mound scholasticu reduced the aggestus to ashes.

He is succeeded in his see by Euphrasius from Jerusalem. Other books in this series. THE same author writes as follows. Zoilus built the basilica, which is situated on the south side of that of Rufinus, and which has continued to bear his name to our times, 35 although the structure itself has undergone changes from various casualties.

He, recognising his mother’s voice, answered her from within the furnace, and she, bursting open the doors, saw, on her entrance, the boy standing in the midst of the coals, and untouched by the fire.


Callistus, too, erected a noble and striking edifice, called both in former and present times the Basilica of Callistus, in front of the seats of justice, and opposite the forum where stand the splendid buildings which are the quarters of the military commanders.

Evagrius Scholasticus

Afterwards, he sent scouts to Carthage with these instructions: We further anathematise the impious epistle said to have been written by Ibas to Maris the Persian. Among these were considerable treasures obtained by Genseric from the plunder of the palace at Rome, as I schplasticus already narrated; when Eudoxia, the wife of Valentinian, emperor of the West, having been both deprived of her husband and subjected to an outrage on her chastity by Maximus, invited Genseric, with a promise of surrendering the city to him: The svholasticus of New Advent is Kevin Knight.

HE also feelingly details the incursion of the before-named Alamundarus and Azarethus into the Roman territory; and how Belisarius, compelled by his own troops, engaged them in their retreat by the Euphrates, on the eve of Easter day; and how the Roman army was destroyed through their repugnance to the measures of Belisarius; and how Rufinus and Hermogenes made with the Persians the peace called the perpetual peace.

Ecclesiastical historian and last of the continuators of Eusebius of Caesareab.

When Ibis had been devastated by scholastcius numerous body of Nomades,” and so forth. Book ratings by Goodreads. She was the first person who led Justinian to entertain a desire for the Gothic war, by sending an embassy to him on the formation of a conspiracy against herself.

Some, however, say that the elder Theodosius extended the wall. They accordingly surrendered their city to him without resistance: