Exalted Malfeas has 47 ratings and 0 reviews. A Guide to the Demon City The fifth of five books dedicated to the supernatural locales of the Exalted sett. A Guide to the Demon City The fifth of five books dedicated to the supernatural locales of the Exalted setting, this supplement focuses on Malfeas, Hell of the. Ligier is great among the demons of Malfeas. He guards many treasures that he holds dear; he has many goals that he would see fulfilled.

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Alexis rated it really liked it Jun 20, Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow. Most of the lesser demons make their home in the Demon City, from Demon Princes to nameless wretches who caper and slave and sing and pray among tarnished metal buildings that bristle like a densely packed forest. malfaes

Will Creation’s Exalted be able to set aside their differences to end this threat, or will the akuma among them sabotage the Exalts’ efforts from within? Retrieved from ” http: Something just occurred to me: It’s a lot more inherently His muscles and organs became the structures and edifices that rise into the skyline. So by comparisonit can’t be that bad. The Webcomic Demon Street reminds me a bit of a generally kinder and gentler but no less weird version of Malfeas.

Autochtonia seems “alien” to inhabitants of Creation – but most of us recognize features as standard factory machinery, modern electrical generators, sewage exzlted, etc. Great flanged, curving blades sprout from them at the shoulders, knees, and paws, and all along their back.


He guards many treasures that he holds dear; he has many goals that he would see fulfilled. His greening copper releases invisible toxins, and mortals who come nalfeas the Demon City sicken and die in seven days. Once, Ur-Namuur could travel the weft and warp of time, stepping between the moments like a spider in his web, but after the dawn of the First Age, such gifts were lost to him.


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I don’t think the hellscape of Berserk is a good inspiration for Malfeas, honestly. On one of her shores grows the silver forest Szoreny, whose trees spread roots in the sky instead of leaves. When touched with blood, their limbs unfurl into spastic, thrashing motion and their true functionality is revealed. Mumadomna is a massive, imposing exaled presence, clad in rich vestments of many colors, crowned with a tall mitre of blue glass and bearing a staff of ivory and gold.

Through indiscriminate suffering men know fear and fear is the most divine emotion. Preview — Exalted Malfeas by John Chambers.

Malfeas, The Demon City

Patrick O’Brien rated it it was amazing May 19, Last edited by Mercurial ; Though his pain matches theirs, his shame is greater. Contents [ show ].

He dwells within the various dragon lines that weave and wander throughout Malfeas; when a more tangible form is needed, he takes the shape of a man of indeterminate age made up of tiny flecks of opalescent Essence. Login or Sign Up Log in with. Page 23 of the Infernals book has a paragraph on Malfeas where they are referred to as “his precious erymanthoi”, so I’m adding them here, with “unknown” parents. His heart is exaltef green metal sun.

The Hollow Knight serves as his right hand in such things.


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His voice is sonorous and deep with the power of the Yozis. Layers upon layers of city have piled up over one another, crushing together, sometimes destroyed and sometimes melting into one great ,alfeas. Hordes of lesser demons work tirelessly around the city to tear down and rebuild according to the whim of Princes or their own perverse nature.

Hanses rated it it was ok Dec 29, Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. You will break his heart if you say that. Half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers. Damian May rated it did not like it Dec 17, Any help is appreciated.

VolskExpressive, the Greenfire Cerebrate Han’ya Camped in an immense circus tent between Mosarel’s shoulders, Volsk takes the form of a great floating blaze of green boreal fire, within which is faintly visible the outline of a withered body curled like a cut stem beneath a gigantic head.

Baashael can call blood from its veins, and for this reason he is much feared among demons with malfaes, rather than the more common ichor or stranger vitae, and of course among mortals. Help Contact Us Go to top.

Last edited by YeOfLittleFaith exaletd Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares, tumbles through the sky collecting into hallucinatory clouds and psychedelic rain the fear and terror that plagues sleepers. Her skin is black as jet; her eyes, brass orbs, blaze with golden light.