Clear droplet observation and low droplet drift are essential for success with Millikan’s classic experiment. PASCO’s apparatus uses a prealigned optical system. The oil drop experiment was performed by Robert A. Millikan and Harvey Fletcher in to measure the elementary electric charge The experiment entailed. L’experiment de Millikan o experiment de la gota d’oli és un important experiment Rep el seu nom pel físic estatunidenc Robert Andrews Millikan, qui el va.

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The Millikan Oil Drop Experiment is one of the most popular experiments in undergraduate physics for several reasons:. Large Rod Base ME A sturdy, general-purpose base can support one or two rods, and is ideal for experiment setups that require extra stability. A versatile and reliable supply for electron physics and other experiments requiring medium to high voltages at relatively low currents.

Materials Testing System Hands-on investigation of compression, tension, buckling, bending, shearing and more.

Wireless CO2 Sensor The simplest, most cost effective and versatile sensor for measuring carbon dioxide gas levels.

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Oil drop experiment

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What’s New Email Alerts. See our growing line of Wireless Sensors See Sensors. Have innovative lab ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from experimenti Overview The Millikan Oil Drop Experiment is one of the most popular experiments in undergraduate physics for several reasons: The Millikan Apparatus mounted on a rod stand for easy eye-level viewing.


Experimento de Millikan by Francisca CM on Prezi

Minimum Electric Field Distortion –A 0. Ionization Source — The Thorium imllikan source can be activated by the switch on the side of the chamber. The source allows the charge on the oil droplets to be changed.

Droplet Hole Cover — Prevents additional droplets from entering the chamber once the experiment has started. Polished Surfaces — Polished exxperimento on the plate spacer minimize absorption of light and heat through the chamber walls.

Electrical Connection — Electrical connection to the top plate. Easy Cleaning — The condenser system easily disassembles for cleaning and inspection. Features Thermistor Connectors — Attach an ohmmeter to monitor chamber temperature. A thermistor is embedded in the bottom plate of the chamber. Droplet Viewing Chamber — Unique design minimizes droplet drift due to heat from droplet illumination and outside air currents.

Viewing Scope — 30X, bright-field, erect-image microscope with focusing ring.

Experiment de Millikan

Reticle Focus — Separate reticle focus and precision etching provide sharp, easy-to-view grid lines with 0. Plate Voltage Connectors — Connect a power supply to charge the plates inside the chamber. Plate Charging Switch expfrimento Allows the operator to charge the plates to either polarity or imllikan the plates. The switch box is separate to minimize vibration Bright 5-watt Halogen Lamp — Combined with a convex lens and heat reflecting mirror, the droplet illumination system delivers maximum light and minimal heat to the droplet area.


Lamp Adjustment Screws — Position the lamp filament to be focused precisely on the area where the droplets are viewed.

Bubble Level — Bull’s-eye level makes sure apparatus is level. Allows the apparatus to be reduced to eye expreimento. Thermistor Resistance Table — A convenient table provided for quick conversion of resistance values to Celsius.

Focusing Wire — When placed jillikan the chamber, the focusing wire allows the lamp to be aligned so the light illuminates the center of the chamber, and allows the eyepiece to be focused on the center of the chamber. Non-threaded and non-magnetic lab rod. The meter includes all functions and ranges needed for most introductory lab work.