Extras [Scott Westerfeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It’s a few years after rebel Tally Youngblood took down the. Extras is a young adult science fiction novel written by Scott Westerfeld. The novel was published and released by Simon& Schuster on October 2, , and is a. The Paperback of the Extras (Uglies Series #4) by Scott Westerfeld at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Aya has a plan to up her rank though. There were some really good, interesting, creative ideas in the Uglies series, but they weren’t good books. Aya especially benefits and becomes the 3rd most famous person in Yokohama after kicking a story about the Extras, appropriately called “Leaving Home”.

Retrieved from ” http: She joins them, planning to betray them by kicking their story and become more famous than she’s ever dreamed of, but she soon finds something bigger – an explosive discovery that may change the face of the brand new world forever.

If doing a crazy stunt–say mag-surfing on a bullet train–would make you rich why would you ever sink your arms up to your elbows in someone else’s filth?

The Important Teen Topic Westerfeld is tackling this time is fame, not beauty, as following Tally’s act of liberation, the world has evolved into one where wealth and social merit are derived purely from notoriety. This is a legitimate question. None of the books that came after “Uglies” was as well thought out and captivating.

I love your books, Scott, but this one Every inhabitant has their own feed and obsessively tracks their face rank, hoping to gain fame and lose their status as an “extra”. The main character of the book. Aya is absolutely confused – why wouldn’t you want to be famous Insert Aya Fuse, a fifteen-year-old in post-mind-rain see Specials Japan, where There is an interesting arc to my appreciation of Extras. In all of these books, the main female character desperately wants to be pretty, special, popular, famous or whatever, but ends up questioning the values of her society when she meets outsiders who don’t subscribe to those norms.


They just suddenly cared about each other. Unlike all the other unenlightened pretty or famous folks who have never questioned their society’s structure, however, she is well-aware of the pitfalls.

View all 7 comments. Keep in mind, this is all that first half of the book I liked. Some of the funniest, literally laugh-out-loud moments contained him and Tally when they find out about his brain surge, Radical Honesty, which compells him to tell the truth.

The constant monitoring of your stats reminds me of all the stuff I do with Facebook and Twitter and blogging. Meanwhile, they, the Cutters, would go to destroy the ships of the inhumans.

This is called “face. His Radical Honesty saved the day as a tool to prove to Tally that he was not lying about the Extras. May 29, Peter Meredith rated it liked it. So although Westerfeld is clearly trying to show the reader how screwed up the dystopian society’s norms and by implication our own are, in the end, he simply reinforces them. So the Extras are not the Japanese kids, but the Extra-terrestrials who are his real heroes here, trying to save the planet from man.

Aya Fuse wants to become famous by “kicking” a story that will attract everyone’s attention, just like her brother, Hiro. You just run around being famous. I hated the main character for her stupidity, pride, and assumptions.

They launch themselves and Aya out of the mass driver with homemade parachutes, giving her one last thrill before they part ways, and also giving themselves time to move on to a different city. His surgery did not agree somewhat with the story as he was unable to hide anything, and it especially did not agree with Tally. Oct 13, Emma Miss Print rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved 25 July However, Extras raised the same prickly issues for me that the other books in the series did.

The plot, I felt, was also pretty loose.

Extras (book) | Uglies Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They keep their face ranks down by changing nicknames every so often. Westerfeld does a great job of creating and explaining the futuristic world he has created in these pages so that it truly comes to life on the page. All of the “new” characters are original and, equally important, likable. I extrras all the efforts and thoughts authors put into their work, all the sleepless extrss and all the blocks they have to contend with so seldom do I dare say I disliked a particular book.


Please note the sarcasm Why? And I really don’t see the logic of the post-Pretty world, as it’s left at the end of Specialsevolving so soon into the world Aya introduces us to.

Wexterfeld to kick blog their story, Aya discovers unrecognizable beings stockpiling missile-like objects. How is it that Aya’s city—which is clearly not the same one as Tally’s, as much is made of the language barrier later—was set up in exactly the same way as Tally’s? Tally was a great heroine and one of my favs in Uglies, but in Extras she is hard Extras exteas not a Tally Youngblood story, but she appears in it. The first three books Westeefeld, Pretties, and Specials follow Tally Youngblood, a fifteen-year-old girl living in a futuristic world so dominated by plastic surgery that anyone who looks normal is ugly.

Set in the same “Uglies” universe as the previous three books, but set dxtras years after Tally caused the “mind-rain” when bubbleheads were given the choice to have their lesions repaired so they weren’t empty-mindedly happythis book takes place in Japan.

He almost surpassed my love for Zane, and is probably the reason this book received four stars.

I can’t believe that I am finished with this series. Just ask Aya Fuse.

Extras (book)

Extras is not a Tally Youngblood story, but she appears in it. Especially when Uglies made each community seem so wonderfully isolated?

And it was pretty hard to ignore someone who made your blood boil. Aya knows she is on the cusp of celebrity.