This order discusses the authorities, responsibilities, policies, B, FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program (with Change 13), 10/01/. Reprint of FAA Order B FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program. This order contains policies, procedures, and guidelines for the Federal Aviation. For violations occurring before September 18, , FAA enforcement personnel apply the sanction policy guidance in FAA Order B.

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We take this opportunity orver not only advise you of this change, but to also remind you of the four other changes that have been made to the FAA Order The FAA link to the Order and all of its changes is http: In particular, the FAA has modified its sanction policy regarding security airspace violations to allow the use of administrative action as may be appropriate. The change simplifies the enforcement decision process, eliminates redundancies, oredr provides flexibility to allow program offices to develop specific worksheets and guidance for their organizations.


In this policy statement, the Federal Air Surgeon has announced that he is now prepared to consider, on a case-by-case basis, applicants who take select antidepressant medications for the special issuance of all classes of medical certification. The FAA wants to encourage airmen to make a complete disclosure regarding a history of or current use oeder antidepressant medications, the underlying condition for which the antidepressant medication was prescribed, and associated visits to health professionals so that they can be considered for special issuance medical certification.

Therefore, the FAA, per the terms caa Compliance and Enforcement Bulletinwill not initiate legal enforcement action against applicants for violations of 14 C. Change 3 amended the sanction guidance for violations of the industry drug and alcohol testing requirements under 14 CFR part formerly codified at 14 CFR part Appendices I and J.

Big Changes in FAA’s Policies Concerning FAA Enforcement Actions

The change provides more specific guidance for determining sanctions in cases where there are multiple violations of certain industry drug and alcohol regulations and amends the prescribed ranges for certain types of violations set forth in Appendix B. Change 4 provided sanction guidance to agency enforcement personnel in initiating 250.3 processing laser-related interference with crewmember cases involving violations of 14 C.


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