Key words: Intravenous anesthesia, remifentanyl, propofol, infusion pump, .. Aguilera L. Conceptos básicos de farmacocinética farmacodinámia en TIVA. Propofol nanoemulsion is a new formulation consisting of nanoemulsified systems, characterized by the absence of lipid vehicle. Changes in drug vehicle may. Anestesia-Reanimación – A – Propofol – EM|consulte.

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In the best of cases, there is one infusion pump per room. A critique of intravenous anesthesia in war surgery. The most relevant articles were selected for this review and it was supplemented with anesthesia textbooks in the guearea of pharmacokinetics and total intravenous anesthesia.

Halford 3 in described the use of Pentothal combined with morphine as an anesthetic technique used during World Was II, but with unfortunate outcomes because its pharmacokinetics was unknown.

Via this technique one achieves the intubation dose and maintains farmacovinetica desired concentration. Nomograms, pharmacokinetics, practical examples, propofol, remifentanil. The curved lines represent the plasmatic concentrations see figure 1 and 2. Influence of farmacocinetca and gender on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of remifentanil.

C50 for propofol-remifentanil target-controlled infusion and bispectral index at loss of propofll and response to painful stimulus in Chinese patients: Fentanyl and sufentanyl have an intermediate ke0 resulting in a slow onset of action 4 to 6 minutes. There are three types of pharmacokinetic models 1: As mentioned earlier, now a CP of approximately 1.

Another hurdle for our public institutions is the availability of infusion pumps. Three Compartment Model During the pharmacokinetic phase, the pharmacokinetic models are the corner stone for administering the drug Hence, k12 represents the velocity constant between V1 and V2, k21 between V2 and V1, k13 between V1 and V3, k31 between V3 and V1, k10 the renal elimination constant figure 1.


The difference between Marsh and Schnider models basically lays on the calculation of V1. A general method for farmcaocinetica the dosage scheme in linear pharmacokinetics. Instead, only the outflow from Ve is taken into account.

Additive interactions occur when the effects of prropofol dose of drug A are equal to the effects of a dose of drug B. The laryngeal mask airway. Tracheal intubating conditions using propofol and remifentanil target-controlled infusions. These concentrations gave the fastest awakening — 6. The development of total intravenous anesthesia is closely linked to the development of infusion systems.

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The heavier the ffarmacocinetica, the higher the V1. The goal is to maintain a constant, accurate and predictable concentration within a therapeutic window that ensures the desired effect. Until now we have seen a lower drug consumption when the Schnider model is used As mentioned before, Ve is within V1. Pharmacokinetics of propofol nanoemulsion in dogs.

Total Intravenous Anesthesia: from Pharmaceutics to Pharmacokinetics

A plasma concentration of propofol propocol 1. The availability of medications such as remifentanyl and propofol has made anesthesiologists feel the need to understand the basics of total intravenous anesthesia TIVA.

Target controlled infusion propofpl practice. These are the relatively less irrigated tissues such as the muscle mass. The slow peripheral compartment V3 farmacocinerica made of the poorly perfused tissues skin or fat ; this is the slowest diffusion central compartment. Arterial blood samples were collected just before induction 02, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes after the bolus dose, and after the end of the infusion at five, 10, 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes and 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, and 24 hours.


Since the Cp plasma concentration depends on V1 and Cl clearance or elimination of k10, then: Individual effect-site concentrations of propofol at return farmacocunetica consciousness are related to the concentrations at loss of consciousness and age in neurosurgical patients.

Therefore, if V1 decreases, Ve decreases as well and hence ke0 becomes smaller. A practical alternative commonly used is mixing remifentanyl and propofol into a single infusion In the present article the utilization of the nomograms are presented didactically via examples which permit the reader propofop assess her or his grade of comprehension and dispel doubts about the application of the pharmacokinetic concepts for remifentanil and propofol.

Manual versus target-controlled infusions of propofol. In the inferior extreme, are the year-old patients, and in the superior, the year-olds.