Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is a bi- monthly publication dedicated to helping . Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is the ultimate resource for learning how to play. Welcome to Flatpicking Guitar Magazine’s digital download website! This is the place where you can order and receive each new issue of Flatpicking Guitar.

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Conch Hampton updated their profile Nov 19, mahazine In this edition we are talking with Flatpicking Guitar Magazine columnist John Carlini about his brand new podcast that he calls “From the Vault.

Sam Byerly updated their profile Aug 29, You will also get to hear Matt play one of his original tunes. Articles about all of your favorite flatpickers, articles about all of your favorite acoustic guitar builders, information about guitar maintenance and repair, hundreds of articles about flatpicking technique, and hundreds of tunes are all available through the nearly twelve years worth of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine back issues.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine first published an article about Dale shortly back in May of To find out more about this project, visit: Podcast Number 11 Featuring Jim Nunally. He has recently transfered many of those old cassettes to a vlatpicking format and he will be sharing these one of a kind recordings with his podcast audience.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine’s Podcast

All of the artists who I’ll be featuring in this podcasts have been highlighted in flatpicking guitar magazine over the years. Since that time he has moved from Colorado to New York and is involved in a number of musical projects. Cary bowdenDonald S.

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Unfortunately, I do not have tabs for Man of Constant Sorrow – the video you saw was recorded by somebody who had requested me to teach them the song – I only played it…”. Dan and Steve about his thriving teaching business, his ideas about teaching the guitar, including how to improve timing and speed.

Thins were clearly too flimsy and heavys just seemed too stiff. Jeff has recently release two flatpicking books through Flatpicking Mercantile and he also has a fairly new solo CD titled “Dancing in the Flame.

Flatpicking Guitar Network – For Fans of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

George passed away at his home in Valdese, North Carolina, on April 7th, guitaar shy of his 89th birthday. You’ll also love it if you are a fan of great flatpicking, or good swing music. David Gilstrap posted a status “Anyone know if flat pick magazine has Margret’s Waltz in a particular issue? Bob Mesher commented on Joe McColley’s video. I saw a video in which Norman discussed why he preferred a certain fret when refretting one of his Martin’s.

Started by David Wayne Martin.

Also we spoke with Bull Harmon about what’s going on with him and the St. Our goal is to help you increase your own skill level and enjoyment of this fine art as it pertains to the musical genres amgazine bluegrass, old-time, folk, Celtic, Western swing, gypsy jazz, new acoustic music, and acoustic rock. Roy is an assistant professor at East Tennessee State University.


The consensus of several Internet responders who have done this is that while the… Continue. They’ll be talking about whats new with Orrin.

The Official Online Source for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Podcast Number 16 with Dix Bruce. You can visit his sites at Tim-Stafford. Featuring music, interviews, and more.

You can also view the footage from “Big Timber” on our YouTube page. Since that time he has continued to perform and record with his musical partner Cahalen Morrison, but he is also now involved with Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is a bi-monthly periodical, and companion audio CD, dedicated to presenting all aspects of the art of flatpicking the acoustic guitar as pioneered by such great guitarists as Doc WatsonClarence WhiteNorman BlakeTony Flatpickinngand Dan Mavazine. Visit Dix Bruce’s website. You can find Mo at mocanada.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine’s Podcast

Tyler was there to perform with Josh Williams and teach some workshops. We put this first podcast up to help those who are unfamiliar with flatpicking. Flatpicking Guitar Magazine’s Podcast A podcast dedicated to flatpicking guitar fans all over the world. This book is now available at www. I hope you enjoy this edition of the Guihar Guitar Magazine Podcast.