Every so often I read Masanobu Fukuoka’s The One Straw Revolution to about gardening, and has clearly influenced the permaculture farming movement, too. Fukuoka’s approach is considered one of the key inspirations to both the organic farming and permaculture movements. This approach does not use. This is a fairly recent video about the Natural Farming pioneer Masanobu Fukuoka () that was produced by one of his former.

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For most of his life Japan was not receptive to his message.

While working there, at the age of 25, he had an inspiration that changed his life. I’m sure you understand. Fukuoka was born on 2 February in Iyo, EhimeJapan, the second son of Kameichi Fukuoka, an educated and wealthy land owner and local leader. Now Roundup has joined the attack.

Views Read Edit View history. It can be applied to arid climates as well as humid, temperate Japan. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Between Matsuyama and Uchiko there is enough to see and do to make it a pleasant long weekend away But personally, I have enough clay in my soil to just use my soil, so you might try that. These are all being broadcast along our riparian zones, swales and future shelter belts. The main tree crop is Mandarin oranges, but he also grows many other fruit trees, native shrubs and other native and ornamental trees.

Fukuoka-san’s farm is now being run by his oldest son, Masato.

Fukuoka Farming: Working with Nature

Please help improve this section by clarifying or removing indiscriminate details. Definitely feel free to leave the weeds and only control the ones that get too big. And yet Fuouoka emailed two people who are very knowledgeable about mycorrhizal fungi the manufacturer of the fungi I use and the manufacturer of another very high quality mycorrhizal product.


Return from Fukuoka Farming back to Permaculture Articles. The seed bombs were made available to museum visitors to take and throw somewhere they felt needed native plants, and in the process they assisted me with my project.

If you till every time you see a weed as is the practice of some farmers, AMF populations will fall. No workshops are currently scheduled. Me, putting all that carbon dioxide into the air, wearing out a tractor, oxidizing all of that carbon from the soil or using a little glyphosate in the right way? Permcaulture, the earth is allowed to cultivate itself through the penetrating roots of plants, the digging activities of earthworms, micro-organisms and other small animals.

What I Learned From Masanobu Fukuoka

Interested in learning more about nature-based solutions to sustainable living? There were years when his experiments resulted in permsculture a total crop loss, but in small areas things worked out well. Read the research from the U of S. Also, the worldwide permaculture movement is an inspiration to Fukuoka.

Fukuoka’s Farm – can I visit it, or one like it? (masanobu fukuoka forum at permies)

And a seed balling workshop would be a very fine, inspirational and easy inaugral event to hold. I wish I could suggest a place where someone had a natural farming set up and welcomed visitors.

He considers the healing of the land and the purification of the human spirit to be one process, and he proposes a way of life and a way of farming in which this process can take place.

Fukuoka farming is per,aculture more than farming organically or sustainably. Flying is possible but scores you negative eco points.


How about trying that? Glyphosate is just bad. Permaculture is a design system which aims to maximize the functional connection of its elements. Christine Lilkendey on May 10, at Stuff is banned all the time. In the past antibiotics have been killing our probiotic bacteria. His name is Panos Manikis and he lives in Greece town edesa. Now he includes Fukuoka’s no-tillage technique in his teaching.

Milkwood is currently being sprinkled in seed balls, and we will be sure to document the results and how to make a bicycle powered seed balling machine — stay tuned! The people I know who are practicing nf seem to prefer a low profile. He studied plant pathology and spent several years working as a customs inspector in Yokohama. I have noticed that where I have left the weeds, the plants I put in are thriving.

This garden is really an extension of the home living area.

How do I deal with onion grass? The English translation came out in and was a hit right away. Get a free copy of our survival mini-guide, Thriving in the Outdoors: I have to say I am particularly envious of your experience of Shikoku in the s when Bentonite clay is good.

Or not at all.

Add compost to the clay. From that time on he stopped sowing rice seed in the spring and, instead, put the seed out in the fall when it would naturally have fallen to the ground. Dry subtropical Mediterranean – My project However loud I tell permacultue, this is never a truth, only my experience