This problem had to be wisely handled to ensure that their future will not be ruined due to their involvement in gangsterism. Thus, parents. gangsterism | New Straits Times: Authoritative source for Malaysia latest news on politics, business, sports, world and entertainment. 25 Jul A. The gangsterism issue in Malaysia is a hot topic as gangsterism has been reported frequently by the media in Malaysia. In a study on “gangsterism among.

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Inhe began to terrorize again. Dying to know more about why there are so many Indian gangsters? Here are 5 scenarios The victim was just another party guest and had simply tried to stop the gangsters, but ended up hospitalized. Effect of gangsterism towards society -liyana. Views Read Edit View history. Teachers should try establish a closer rapport with students.

Thus, their future might be threatened due to the result of their behavior. Not only that, ineight Gang 04 members crashed a full-moon party in Penang and started a fight, slashing one man several times before escaping on motorcycles. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. malayysia


Therefore, it show that our own lack of concern over what had happened make the matter of gangsterism getting worst until the victim of gangsterism are being abuse physically and emotionally. Malaysla are known to be even more notorious than their male counterparts. Somehow, there are parents who try so hard, in order to guide their children back to the right path.

For example, if a friend offer us a drug and if we have a firm standpoint, then we’ll kindly say no to the friend. In addition, this kind of phenomenon also spread widely in school.


P. Kalimuthu – Wikipedia

They might be involved in gangsterism to overcome the loneliness they felt. They assume that providing their children with materialism is more than enough but the fact is their children actually need more attention from their parents.

Police classified his violence as that of someone who commits murder for the pure joy of killing instead of gangstreism a hired-to-kill assassin.

Based on our research we had done, it can be conclude that there is a great necessity to give more attention towards cases that related with young delinquents who involve themselves in gangsterism.

Society is no longer felt peace and harmony in the country which they had resided.

The teenagers are easily influenced by their friends. His posters were also gangsteeism to bordering countries such as Gangsterisk to avoid Kalimuthu escaping to across the border.

Initially, he joined the Chinese triad called ‘Gang 04’ and subsequently left it to join another Indian triad ‘Gang 08’. This will also affect their life as they unable to perform their study in higher level and they might spend their teenage years in juvenile school or rehabilitation centre.

This is because, their friends might attract them to try something new for them like gang fights. The society initially gangsetrism in crimes like protection money and territorial fights. On the contrary, those malaysja a bright future able to continue their study while they had wasting their precious life in prison. Police classified his violence as that of someone who commits murder for the pure joy of killing instead of as a hired-to-kill assassin.

Together with illegal groups and his new criminal accomplices, Kalimuthu was active around the capital in BrickfieldsSegambutSungei Way and Ampang.

Kalimuthu then disappeared in November The teenagers are too young and they have a strong instinct of wanting to try something new. The behavior of gangster might endanger their life because at some point, gangster can turn out to be a killer and some of them also fight among each other to show their power.


These teenagers are not bothered about their studies and it is evident that they are involved in gangsterism. On the break of dawn, an elite team of police officers from the Special Operations Command from Bukit Aman took position and surrounded the house.


Authoritative source for Malaysia latest news on politics, business, sports, world and entertainment. How long will Anwar stay in prison? Add one or use Full Width layout. Bentong Kali is also said to have drawn a lot of tattoos on his body. Bentong Kali is also known for his hot temper.

P. Kalimuthu

Effect of gangsterism towards parents -liyana. Effect of gangsterism towards individual -liyana. Gangsteris are so busy with their job and rarely have time to be with their children at home.

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By helping these poverty-stricken Indians, we can create a better and safer country for everyone. Mugshot of Bentong Kali. In any ggangsterism or action that we made, we have to take full responsibilities of whatever the consequences that we will have to face due to the decision making.

Kalimuthu refused to take up the second opportunity given to him to repent returned to the criminal world soon after.