A RuneQuest 3 supplement about the Gods of Glorantha. It contained: A Theyalan Calendar The Prosopaedia. What The Priests Say The Cults Book. supplement Gods of Glorantha, published simultaneously. This book and its companion materials may not be repro- duced whole or in part by any means. Gods of Glorantha: 60 Religions for Runequest on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CONTENTS: * PROSOPAEDIA: in this book hundreds of.

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More abstractly, Campbell’s idea that myths are how we shape our lives deeply informs the picture of life in Glorantha throughout the game world’s publication history.

Glogantha an attempt to leverage the power of a much bigger gaming company, a third edition, RuneQuest 3was published with Avalon Hill in They reside around rivers, mainly in Sartar, and have an unexplained mystical affinity with Death. I supported becauseā€¦ “You make pf better Within each metaphysical system, adherents may also compete – such as when theistic worshipers of rival gods battle each other.

The southern continent of Pamaltela is somewhat like Africa, but with many differences.

The next publication was also a board game, Nomad Godspublished by Chaosium inwhich detailed the raids and wars between the beast-riding spirit-worshiping tribes of Prax, a cursed land to the east of Dragon Pass. Glorantha is as deep as you want it to be, or not. The world is flat, with a dome-like sky, and it has been shaped in large and gloranfha ways by the mythic actions of the gods. Dragon Issue – Nov Casus Belli Issue 32 – Apr Stafford has also explored the Gloranthan setting in the fantasy novel King of Sartar [1] and a number of unfinished works published under the collective name of “the Stafford Library”.


Add tags Tags separate by space: You can edit this page to create it. This edition both loosened the connection between RuneQuest and Glorantha, introducing ‘Fantasy Europe’ as the principal game world for RuneQuestand much broadened the scope of Glorantha, which was treated as an alternative game world.

Because of this change in approach some RuneQuest fans found it difficult to adjust to HeroQuest. The “Prosopaedia” 20 pages contains a longer list of deities in thumbnail detail.

It was first introduced in the board game White Bear and Red Moon by Chaosiumand thereafter in a number of other board, roleplaying and computer games, including Glorntha and HeroQuestas well as several works of fiction and the computer strategy game King of Dragon Pass.

Supernatural animals are found, ranging from unicorns to seven types of merfolk and the Goddess of Lions. Legends are being made by great individuals, many who are not even human beings.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Glorantha. A draft of the RuneQuest 4 rules, called RuneQuest: Their societies are matriarchal, and they worship, among others, a goddess of darkness called Kyger Litor, mother of the Glorantua, and the more violent and sinister Zorak Zoran. They must have oral surgery in order to speak human languages.

There is already couple new PDF publications to support the rules set and the rules are close enough to RuneQuest second edition to be used with the older material. Heroes make their way in the world, and may pf venture into metaphysical realms to gain knowledge and power, at the risk of body and soul. Broos are creatures of chaos.

Glorantha is full of surprises. Gateway to Adventure Also Stafford was at this time publishing material about the history and mythology of Glorantha in non-game form as books such as King of Sartar and The Glorious Re Ascent of Yelm.

In recent years, Gloranthan gaming has been supported by two lines of game systems: HeroQuest 2nd Edition HeroQuest. Add a copy glrantha your collection.


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Please select a support frequency. Unfortunately, RuneQuest did not prosper with its association with Avalon Hill, and the relationship between Chaosium, who held the rights to Glorantha, and Avalon Hill, who held the rights to RuneQuestfinally broke down completely in Kingdom of HeroesSartar Companion and Pavis: This page does not exist. Gods and Goddesses struggle here, with nations of people nothing but their pawns.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The video game King of Dragon Pass was released by A Sharpallowing the player to play an Orlanthi hero who seeks to unite the clans and tribes of Dragon Pass in a kingdom; the game features exceptional depth of coverage of the area of Dragon Pass, and featured the first compelling public view of Stafford’s ideas about the hero quest. Some work with the deities, other heroes and heroines fight against them.

However, other long-term fans felt that the game fit Glorantha far better than RuneQuest. Several later editions were made; the second edition “RuneQuest 2” gloranthx introduced many sophisticated game aids, such as Cults of Prax glorantja Cults of Terrorand highly polished campaign packs, such as Griffin Mountain.

Some, such as the mystic dragonewts, are unique to Glorantha.

Gods of Glorantha

They are chaotic in nature. Uzthe trolls, are the race of darkness, large, intelligent, astoundingly omnivorouswith a very developed sonar -like sense darksense. Different Worlds Issue 38 – Jan Tags separate by space: