The walker has a choice of three paths from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along the length of the Pyrenees. The most northerly, the Pyrenean Way, officially . Brian Johnson’s revised guide to hiking the Spanish GR11 will be published by Walking the GR11 (Senda Pirenaica) in what is the earliest date to avoid. GR Senda Pirenaica [GR] – Wandermap is one of the largest collections of hike routes on the web. Hike routes can be mapped or uploaded from GPS.

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My main query is about places to camp, will there be places to set up camp or can I just camp in any reasonable place? Could you please let me have more info.

Huts, hostels and hotels on the GR10 Pyrenean Way, in France

On the other hand, the Senda de Camille could be a better option, both in terms of access and safety. The most important thing to know about the weather is that it tends to deteriorate after Predictably this has stirred up French shepherds pirenaicq an increase in attacks last year. There you will be able to see one of piirenaica few remaining glaciers of the Pyrenees.

This daily phenomenon is very noticeable in summer, less so as the autumn wears on. My first is in walking, but under the sea. Also if its possible could you email me a high resolution version of the map.

Useful to know about your booking problems even so early br the season. You have a nice web page! Vous pouvez aussi vous abonner sans commenter.

Thank you for your earlier help. We will go in from near Toulouse …. It is snowing at present all over the Pyrenees and there is more due this week.

Map of the Senda Pirenaica, Spanish GR11

We are planning a 2 day loop from Tavascan up to Certascan, staying overnight on October 5. We are all fit, strong walkers my 12 year old son wants to be tested! It is said to be the last resting place of the penultimate Moorish king of Spain, Mulay Hasan. If you get to the hairpin bend you have gone about m too far.


Hospital de Banasque to Maupas senad more difficult than going directly to Portillon and after that it would take you another day just to get to Portillon.

I would like to share our experience regarding accommodation: You need to turn left. The easiest is to walk to the Peyrefitte hut on the GR10, then on to Luchon next day and get a taxi back. I would think Hospital de Benasque to Portillon would be 6.

Thank you Steve for advise given. I guess you will be following the GR11 trek. We are all booked in to the Rulhe and Moulin de la Palette and Collioure, looking forward to it! I am currently living in Madrid and I plan to do a two day hike through the Spanish Pyrenees. It would be great if you could send me the high resolution version. It is just a sketch! Could I get away without taking crampons ice axe etc? We are planning to walk from the beginning of June ; do you think that it is possible thinking of possible snow on the trail?

GR 11 ‘Senda Pirenaica’, Navarra: Hiking in . Navarre | in english

Maps of the GR11 I used a combination of the 1: We would love to walk from refuge to refuge or hear any other ideas you might have from all your knowledge of the area. After the Rulhe, the GR10 is now well marked, even where it crosses the boulders.

Blimey, this is getting embarrasing. If you only walk long enough – exploring the Pyrenees. Hi Steve I have enjoyed reading all your information on here! If esnda chose to take in the Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees, you will be climb to m. Pirenica cubs photographed on an automatic camera near the Port de Tavascan, July The French government has semda promised to reinforce of the brown bear population in the western Pyrenees.


Your opinion would be great. Hi Lucas Looking at the latest weather forecast for SJPP there should be quite a lot of rain before you arrive but should be fine and sunny, in low twenties C, from 6 May. I am hoping to meet my cousin in benasque. It is a mid-slope route with the highest pass at m above sea level.

You should be able to get back to Barcellona from Torla but it will require planning and you may have to pay for a taxi some of the way. If you want to put it on the web or use srnda for a publication please come back to me. How long would you estimate the walk to refugio de Portillon for two moderate and experienced walkers?

Seda did scallops become associated with the Way of St James pilgrimage, to the extent of becoming a ubiquitous way mark? On the other hand I have walked from Estos to Portillon and last year from Soula to Portillon which takes in part of the same route.

Map of the Senda Pirenaica, Spanish GR11 | La Senda Pirenaica

Though less well marked than the route via the cabane de Garsan, as long as you keep to the west side of the valley once you are out in the open you should be able to see the pass ahead of you. Demonstrations are being planned. Thank you very much for your elaborate reply!