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A description of the two geometric levelling campaigns made in June and September is included.


Seismologic study of Los Humeros geothermal field, PueblaMexico. The mineralogy of the kaolins was determined by X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy.

The Future of Spanish in the United States. Results showed that this strateg y was implemented successfully and also revealed opportunities for: In this ;iense, we present the various aspects of the performance of the SSN and the results piemse real-time and the days after. These processes impact the dynamics of piejse systems, which include components associated with human communities such as vector-borne diseases. Nicaraguan Field Test Report.

The following topics are among those considered: Even after 12 years of the foundation of the Family Health Program PSFseveral difficulties are still observed concerning the way to work with this new health strategy in Brazil.


The Acoculco deposit is composed De los resultados obtenidos se distinguen dos grupos de pozos: A new method, which is based on the Fischer-Tropch reactions and on the combined pyrite-magnetite mineral equilibrium, was used.

A origem dos estados I e II foi determinada como sendo devida a adicao de muonio a uma das ligacoes duplas existentes nos aneis benzenicos da periferia das moleculas de ftalocianina recorrendo a calculos de estrutura electronica, tendo-se verificado a existencia de um acoplamento entre a interaccao hiperfina desses estados e modos vibracionais desses aneis.

To obtain the undisturbed distribution of pressures of a field flow, a significant amount of data concerning geological, geochemical, geophysical, and field drilling and engineering aspects, from 42 wells located at the geothermal field of Los Humeros, was analysed. This document is an English-language abstract approximately 1, words of a speech by the Mexican Minister of Education at an annual educators meeting.


The long experience in public affairs led him to become aware of their capacity to intervene and try to reassert its autonomy.

This is the Spanish version, and is available in several other languages. Inestabilidad de laderas e infraestructura vial: Guja del Estado has installed a series of efficient liquid removal devices at the producing fields.

Resources – CCB-Mate

The genotypic variability was assessed by in silico sequence comparison of the iu markers and PCR-RFLP assays, demonstrating a marked polymorphism for the markers in insects of the domestic habitat in comparison with the other habitats.

Ticks may also cause Irritation and discomfnrt directly as a result of their These agroecosystems guka native and introduced plant species, as well as cultivated and wild ones.

United States and Venezuela Cooperation. One-way analysis of variance was used to test for differences between sites in species richness and diversity values. Hirigoyen, Marie France,Mujeres maltratadas.

Graffar analysis revealed that the majority of schoolchildren belong to the poorer socioeconomic strata: The dehesa has ha and is strategically situated between the communal lands of ubap higher slopes and the village. Latin America Report No. Documento de Trabajo de la Fundacion Ford, No. Mosquitos no Parque National da Serra dos.

The effect of moisture regimes on the anaerobic degradation of municipal solid waste from Metepec Mexico. We conducted guua study to analyze the characteristics of health-related research published by two leading Brazilian newspapers.

The latter curves comprise three zones of behavior; each zone representing a different filling mechanism of the pore space. Por otro lado, Novak y col. Translations on Latin America No.

Enjoy the meme ‘Deseo concedido’ uploaded by Girgom. In this context, the development of an Operational Hydrodynamic Ocean Forecast System is the first step to the development of a more sophisticated Ocean Integrated Decision Support Tool.


Short History of the advertising industrial publicity guja Mexico. Fluid mixture for other wells depends on operating conditions.

The results are expressed as the preservation of historical heritage, and changes in land use and its environmental conditions. Guiia New Life in the United States. Was applied a questionnaire for women leaders of local organizations of the organization, both as participant observation group workshops were conducted with 14 local organizations covering just over members applied.

So, the waves must trigger tiny shocks that cascade into larger shocks after some delay.

After the replacement of the first collimator lens; broken in ; a problem guua in the optical alignment. Paulo and O Estado de S. A total of year-old schoolchildren were analyzed with FasciDIG coproantigen test and Lumbreras rapid sedimentation technique, and quantitatively assessed with Kato-Katz. The younger Los Potreros caldera is nested inside the older Los Humeros caldera.

Full Text Available Backyards for rural households represent a strategy that ensures the production of plant foods and animal come to enrich and supplement their diet.

The complex contains 2 absorption-refrigeration plants, a gas compressing plant, equipment maintenance shops and an important operations base for the Argentine truck gas pipelines. From the structured symptom list, The results of the studies performed here enable us to locate monitoring stations and sampling network to physicochemical parameters in real time, in the areas of higher contamination found in geoenvironmental studies Atoyac High River Basin.

We reviewed the patient clinical files retrospectively and descriptively to obtain information with regard to age, sex, clinical signs, laboratory and consultory results, echocardiography findings, complications, evolution during hospitalization, followup, and out-patient ambulatory consultations. Lists 29 badly translated books.

This study was conducted to investigate the traditional uses of snakes in this cultural group.