Both the theory and practice of psychogeography have been around since , when French theorist Guy Debord coined the term. While it. Tate glossary definition for psychogeography: A term coined by the Marxist theorist Guy Debord in in order to describe the effect of a geographical location. A psychogeographic drift (a term introduced by Debord) is radically different from a conventional walk or a trip, which conform to rules and conventions, have a.

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At any moment, “ordinary life” may prevail once again.


Both the theory and deord of psychogeography have been around sincewhen French theorist Guy Debord coined the term. What places attract us? Walking to Marks Park in Bondi, the scene of a series of homophobic attacks in the swhich went largely unsolved, Brown observes: Record the experience as you go, in whatever medium you favour.

October 20, at Psychogeography was originally developed by the avant-garde movement Lettrist International in the journal Potlatch.

Edward Ruscha born Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: As I devoured each book and created some […]. Art Term Psychogeography Psychogeography describes the effect of a geographical location on the emotions and behaviour of individuals.

October 14, at March 3, at 6: It focuses on our psychological experiences of the city, and reveals or illuminates forgotten, discarded, or marginalised aspects of the urban environment. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Others, like a couple of the questionnaires, never worked at all, but even these I am loathe to throw away. But anarchical progress often ends up contradicting itself, as when we savor the spectacle of a police chief issuing a filmed appeal urging Parisian car owners to use public transportation.


Critique of Urban Geography (Debord)

Urban explorers psychogeograhy provide examples of modern psychogeographers who access prohibited spaces — like photographer Peter Costello — heaving forgotten urban landmarks back psjchogeography our maps. The political drive behind psychogeography became more apparent in the s with the Situationists. Debord’s vision was a combination of the two realms of opposing ambiance, where the play of the soft ambiance was actively considered in the rendering of the hard.

De Quincey describes using the stars to guide him home.

The ecological analysis of the absolute or relative character of fissures in the urban network, of the role of microclimates, of distinct neighborhoods with no relation to administrative boundaries, and above all of the dominating action of centers of attraction, must be utilized and completed by psychogeographical methods.

Life, for which we are responsible, presents powerful motives for discouragement and innumerable more or less vulgar diversions and compensations. The lighting and the conversation should obviously be suited to the occasion, as should be the weather or your memories.

Author Guy Debord — was a remarkable author, filmmaker, philosopher, revolutionary, and provocateur, famous for his involvement in French politics and culture in the postwar period.

Psychogeography by Guy Debord

That which tends to remain unreal is empty babble. The exploration of a fixed spatial field entails pyschogeography bases and calculating directions of penetration. It is thus not without political interest to publicly counterpose such desires to the elementary desires that are endlessly rehashed by the film industry and in psychological novels like those of that old hack Mauriac.


How can a building perform, and how can we perform a building?

Situationist International Online

Debord psychogeographu admits psychogeogdaphy his film A Critique of Separation”The sectors of a city…are decipherable, but the personal meaning they have for us is incommunicable, as is the secrecy of private life in general, regarding which we possess nothing psychogeorgaphy pitiful documents”. Patrick Keiller The Robinson Institute: We are always together first. He also describes walking as a virtue.

This sort of game is obviously only a feeble beginning in comparison to the complete creation of architecture and urbanism that will someday be within the power of everyone. Material Map Project — eyemachines says: The psychogeographic slopes were symbolized by red arrows indicating the forces the city exerted on drifters freed from other motivations for moving: A friend recently told me that he had just wandered through the Harz region of Germany while blindly following the directions of a map of London.

Bureau of Public Secrets.

Bring together the most suitable people, with appropriate records and drinks. The first of these means is undoubtedly the systematic provocative dissemination of a host of proposals tending to turn the whole of life into an exciting psychogoegraphy, combined with the constant depreciation of all current diversions to the extent, of course, that these latter cannot be detourned to serve in constructions of more interesting ambiances.