10 Results Visit ‘s Guy G. Stroumsa Page and shop for all Guy G. Stroumsa books. by Guy G. Stroumsa and Susan Emanuel by Guy Stroumsa. Perhaps more than any other cause, the passage of texts from scroll to codex in late antiquity converted the Roman Empire from paganism to Christianity and. In A New Science, Guy Stroumsa offers an innovative and powerful argument that the comparative study of religion finds its origin in early modern Europe.

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Guy G Stroumsa | Hebrew University of Jerusalem –

Judaism and Christian Origins more. Jerusalem as cultural memory more. Harvard University Press, more. The Scriptural Universe of Ancient Christianity describes how canonical scripture was established and how scriptural interpretation replaced blood sacrifice as the central element of religious ritual. Perhaps more than any other cause, Guy G.

The Scriptural Universe of Ancient Christianity — Guy G. Stroumsa | Harvard University Press

Stroumsa argues, the codex converted the Roman Empire from paganism to Christianity. The codex permitted a mode of religious transmission across vast geographical areas, as sacred texts and commentaries circulated in book translations within and beyond Roman borders.

Although sacred books had existed guu ancient societies, they were now invested with a new aura and a new role at stroymsa core of religious ceremony. Once the holy book became central to all aspects of religious experience, the floodgates were opened for Greek and Latin texts to be reimagined and repurposed as proto-Christian.

Professor Guy Stroumsa on Teaching the Abrahamic Religions

Most early Christian theologians did not intend to erase Greek and Roman cultural traditions; they were content to selectively adopt the texts and traditions they deemed valuable and compatible with the new faith, such as Platonism. The new cultura christiana emerging gy late antiquity would eventually become the backbone of European identity.


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The Scriptural Universe of Ancient Christianity

Early Christianity and Mysticism. Le Cerf, more. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: