How to Use a Gymboss miniMax Interval Timer The buttons and general instructions I went over above apply here as well; the miniMax just has. GYM BOSS SETUP INSTRUCTIONS (available on ). The GYMBOSS timer is very easy to set up and operate once you learn the procedure . Gymboss Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Gymboss Manual.

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Do you know any other device which would.? Web hosting and nomain names. August 12, at gumboss This is what your Gymboss will look like in progress:.

How to Use a Gymboss Interval Timer

Is it possible to set one beep for the 30 sec intervals to switch dumbbell exercises and a 3 second beep between rounds so I know when to rest? Hit SET to bring up the menu.

The buttons mnaual general instructions I went over above apply here as well; the miniMax just has some extra features. Many thanks for this Nicole. Rather than cardio intervals, I do anaerobic intervals sprinting on a outdoor running track.


This is gymvoss your Gymboss will look like in progress: I need a beep every kanual seconds for about 40 minutes and then every 10 minutes for the next 2 hours. I have the GYMBOSS interval timer, it has a clock option but I cant seem to change the hour ive looked everywhere online and in the instructuins and cant seem to figure it out — how can i make the clock have the right time?!?!

The rest interval will start blinking bottom number on the right.

It is easier to use the gym boss app for my smartphone. The type of alarm beep will start blinking.

How to Use a Gymboss Interval Timer | Pumps & Iron

September 9, at 1: July 18, at July 27, at 5: Thank you for turning my frustration into a happy, successful feeling!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I thought that this equipment was going to be as simple to use as buy it and use it, but it seems that I have maual go to NASA for a course to set up my exercise programs. This was really helpful.


Use up and down arrows to change the type until the one s you want is blinking. October 19, at 8: July 10, at 4: November 14, at June 12, at 2: I keep mine on 1.

When entering manyal into the Gymboss miniMax, we think of it as 4 intervals: I want to do 30 second intervals for 3 minutes with 30 second rests after the 3 minutes for 10 rounds.

There are three modes: The number of rounds will start blinking number in bottom left corner.

The timer will prompt you to enter in another interval, just leave it at The work interval will start blinking top number on the right.