The Grandstream HT is the newest in the HandyTone Analog Telephone Adaptor Series. The HandyTone offers more powerful feature functionality and. The Grandstream HT is a hybrid Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and VoIP This versatile Grandstream HandyTone model supports UPnP, SIP over. The Grandstream HandyTone is a full feature voice and FAX-over IP device that offers a high-level of integration including dual 10M/Mbps network ports.

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The default value for FXS port2 is It is used periodically to transmit control packets to participants in a streaming multimedia session.

The first Vocoder is entered by choosing the appropriate option in “Choice 1”. Speech compression techniques and digital processing delay often contribute to echo generation in telephone networks.

The device will reboot automatically and restore to factory default setting. After a factory reset, the device’s web configuration page can be accessed only from its LAN port.

The World Wide Web protocol that performs hwndytone request and retrieve functions of a server. VoIP encomprasses many protocols.

Grandstream HT502 ATA – 2 ports (Discontinued)

This field is case sensitive with a maximum length of 25 characters. She never needs to go back! Range is from 96 to Default value is The user can configure Vocoders in a preference list that will be included with the same preference order in SDP message.


Enter07, 10,47 or 99 menu options. When selected but no Caller ID is configured, the chosen ring tone will be used for all incoming calls.

Grandstream HT – VoIP Supply

This field is case sensitive. I have this device connected to asterisk 1. Advanced user configuration includes the end user configuration and the advanced configurations including: This field is optional but may be required by some Internet Service Providers.

The default value handyton 20 seconds. In addition to improving quality, this process improves bandwidth savings achieved through silence suppression by preventing echo from travelling across a network.

End users should keep it blank.

In attendance was a hermit crab inner recesses and it pinched her ear. Save the setting and reboot prior to configuring HT The default setting is Yes. Using TCP, applications on networked hosts can create connections to one another, over which they can exchange data or packets. If Yes, call features using star codes will be supported locally. Use only if proxy supports response. Modems attached to twisted pair copper wiring that transmit from 1.

Default is set to: My problem is that the device does not detect when a call is ended.

Those configurations are identical. Range is from handjtone If set to Yes” ” will send the number. The default value is It uses UDP port 69 as its transport protocol.


It supports various voice codecs: This fieldis for customizable web port. The maximum length of the password is 25 characters. The default interval is 60 minutes or 1 hour. LoL I know this is completely rotten subject but I had to tell someone! This is the main software release.

At hand was a hermit crab within and it pinched her ear. Frequencies should be configured with known values to avoid uncomfortable high pitch sounds.

HandyTone 502

If set to Yes, the user can place outgoing calls even when not registered if allowed by ITSPbut is unable to receive incoming calls. In this case, this key is essentially equivalent to the “Dial” key. The terms IP Telephony and Handdytone Telephony are often used to mean the same; however, they are not per cent interchangeable, since Internet is only a subcase of packet-switched networks.

Asterisk News Archives older news. The password for the Advanced user is case sensitive and the factory default password – ” admin “. The default values are 0dB for both parameters. Range is from 96 and