Population. Adult. Domain. Measures of Self. Type of Measure. Self-report. ICF- Code/s e4. Description. Herth Hope Scale (HHS) is a measure that attempts to. Abstract. Hope is a motivational/cognitive attribute that is theoretically necessary to initiate and sustain action toward goal attainment. The Herth Hope Scale. Hope is a motivational/cognitive attribute that is theoretically necessary to initiate and sustain action toward goal attainment. The Herth Hope Scale (HHS) not.

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In the current investigation, satisfaction with social support was significantly associated with hope. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. The psychometric properties of the abbreviated scale, the Herth Hope Index HHIhave been investigated in several studies.

The model distinguishes between the constructs of global hope and time-specific hope, both of which are multidimensional with affective, cognitive, behavioral, temporal, and contextual domains. Understanding what factors may cause difficulties in coping with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment MCI or early stage dementia can be beneficial for care providers and the development of effective supports for affected individuals and their care partners CPs.

Insight into severe mental illness, hope, and quality of life of persons with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders. Making sense of mild cognitive impairment: Krause N, Markides K. Journal of Nursing Measurement. Hope, dispositional optimism and severity of depression following traumatic brain injury.

Discussion The purpose of this secondary analysis was to evaluate the reliability and validity of the Herth Hope Index by examining the internal factor structure and by exploring its relationship to scales measuring depression, illness insight, neurocognitive status, and satisfaction with social support.

Journal of Psychosocial Oncology. I feel my life has value and worth. The orthogonal rotation produced four cross-loading items, whereas the solution using oblique rotation produced one cross-loading item.


Psychometric properties of Hope Scales: A systematic review.

The solution revealed three factors with eigenvalues greater scal one that explained Table 1 Sample Characteristics. British Journal of Psychology Statistical Section ; 3: Given the differences in factor structures across studies, confirmatory factor analysis might help to clarify the underlying structure of the HHI.

Hope therapy in a community sample: Most items were negatively skewed toward agreement with each statement, though adequate variability was demonstrated. Families impacted by cognitive impairment may maintain hope in the face of a potentially progressive illness, regardless of cognitive status. The construction of awareness in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease: The following hypotheses were tested: The authors would like to acknowledge Dr.

See other articles in PMC that cite the hhope article. Mini Sczle State Exam. In relation to a measure of generalized hope, no relationship with depression provides evidence that these scores were measures of two differing constructs.

The satisfaction item uses a 4-point scale ranging from not at all 0 to very 3. While the psychometric properties of wcale HHI have been established in different populations, these properties have not been explored in families impacted by cognitive impairment. Inter-item correlations and item-total correlations were also inspected.

Psychometric properties of Hope Scales: A systematic review.

I can see a light in a tunnel. The direction and magnitude of the correlations were examined to draw conclusions regarding the hypotheses.

A larger sample would have also allowed for confirmatory factor analysis to verify the results of the exploratory analysis. My scaoe thoughts on coefficient alpha and successor procedures.

Measuring hope among families impacted by cognitive impairment

The HHI was completed face-to-face with participants as a part of a larger interview battery conducted by trained interviewers, along with questions regarding social support. Benzein E, Berg A. A structured interview guide for the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. Therefore, how these correlations may be conceptualized among individuals with hoope impairment is likely all jope more complex, when considering the impact of progressive memory loss upon coping and insight, and warrants further exploration.


The use of additional measures of insight, including subjective report Clare,may also further tease out the relationship between hope and insight.

Abbreviated instrument to measure hope: development and psychometric evaluation.

The will and the ways: I have a deep inner strength. Future studies should incorporate larger samples and further explore the internal yerth of hope for family care partners. Journal of Psychiatric Research. The sample additionally included individuals with varying heth of cognitive impairment.

Two factors explained In order to substantiate the findings of a two-factor solution, the internal consistency of each factor was computed. Dufault herh Martocchio proposed a theoretical model for hope based on interviews with older adults.

Along these lines, greater insight and concern about symptom progression in the earliest stages of illness may correspond with lessened hope while in the later stages and when awareness is impaired, hope may be elevated. Making sense of factor analysis: All participants provided informed consent prior to any data collection for the parent study.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The relationship between disability and depression in multiple sclerosis: Enhancing hope in people with a first recurrence of cancer. Further confirmatory research is needed to substantiate the results of the current investigation. Svale reality after physical loss: Hopeful thinking, participation, and depressive symptoms three months after stroke.

In particular, the Herth Hope Scale Herth, was developed with the intent to gope constructs, such as globalized hope, hope without reliance on interpersonal relationships, relationship engagement and altruism as instilling hope and hope as a means to control emotional and behavioral responses to difficult events or experiences.