Hesketh Prichard, Writer: Don Q Son of Zorro. Other Works: Novel (as Vernon Hesketh Prichard): “November Joe, Detective of the Woods”. See more». Edit. Hesketh Vernon Hesketh Prichard was a contemporary of the Antarctic explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard (assistant zoologist, British Antarctic Expedition. Hesketh-Prichard was a hunter, explorer, cricketer, author and soldier. As a club land author he found fame as a fiction writer: his most famous.

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A History of Nature Conservation in Britain.

The next day the Army Commander questioned me very closely about sniping, and about all that had occurred with regard to it since he had seen me last. The new book is available now from Blaze Publishing.

Even during the hours of daylight, when activity on both sides was generally reduced, the ever-present menace of enemy snipers ensured that careless infantry who showed their heads above the trench firestep were immediately punished, often fatally. I remember one General saying to me upon this question, not without a smile, ” You are not here officially, you know, and any Germans you may have killed, or caused to be killed, are, of course, only unofficially dead.

Whenever it was possible to do so, it was always a standing order that between courses, when we sometimes had from two days to a week free, all instructors should go to the line.

Outside the members of the staff, we had help from time to time from various officers who were attached for short periods of duty.

Author:Hesketh Vernon Hesketh-Prichard

His nickname was “Hex”, which he would bear throughout his life. At the time of which I prichsrd, the Corps which formed the First Army were the nth, the 1st and the 4th. As, when Little Willie met his end, he was just in the act of spotting the first shots for his battery, which had opened on our front line trenches, his death probably saved us some casualties, for it temporarily stopped the activities of his guns.

Over on the other side of No Man’s Land the German trenches presented a quite different appearance from ours—ours being beaten down, as I have said, until they made as clear a line as pricharc breakwater.


In December he was ordered on General Allenby ‘s request to the Third Army School of Instruction and was made a general staff officer with the rank of captain. Hesketh-Prichard died from prkchard on 14 Juneat the ancestral home of his wife at Gorhambury, HertfordshireEngland. As time went on it became very difficult for a German prisoner to lead me astray with wrong information.

He then wired the wooden plate on to the iron plate, and having rolled and stuffed a number of sandbags in exact imitation of the parapet in which he wished to insert his loophole, he tacked these with a hammer and tacks upon the wooden board. The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes.

Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard

We had, therefore, turned our minds to think out plans and “ruses by which the enemy might be persuaded to give us a target. Conan Doyle possessed an extraordinary facility for teaching hexketh was most successful with one or two classes of Lovat Scouts which he took. We were only just in time for as we afterwards discovered the Royal Flying Corps had decided to apply for it. At the time of which I write the Germans were just beginning to be a little shy of our snipers on those fronts to which organization had penetrated, and it was clear that the time would arrive when careful Hans and conscientious Fritz heskeeth become very troglodytic, as indeed they did.

Hesketh-Prichard proved pricharx in attaining his aim of improving British sniping talent in the art of ‘Hun Hunting’, sourcing civilian rifles wherever possible, often funded from his own pocket and in spite of shortages of equipment, particularly optics. Evidently my first essay had attracted attention, for two German snipers at once began firing at me from heskeht right flank.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was here heskfth we first began to tend towards the really much longer and more detailed course of instruction which we afterwards amplified to a vastly greater extent at First Army School, as soon as the courses were lengthened to seventeen days’ duration.

What was wanted, apart jrom organization, was neither more nor less than the hunter spirit. But one way and another, through them all I gained an immense amount of information as to the German sniping organization. The result was exceedingly typical. As I have stated, snipers always worked in pairs, one observing, the other shooting, and soon we found that the notes kept by the prichagd were invaluable from an Intelligence hewketh of view.


It is inconceivable that a skilled hunter in a position of command should ever allow his men to suffer as our men sometimes did in France. The front loophole was fixed, but the rear was housed in a metal shutter sliding in grooves. Whether he was killed or not who can say, but I should think the odds are that some bullets of the volley found their billet.

Now all that remained to do was to place the lower glass of the periscope opposite the front hole in the head, and apply the eye to the rear hole and look into the periscope, the upper glass of which was above the parapet.

Hesketh Prichard – IMDb

His reasoning was simple. At this time the heskteh to camouflage our loopholes were extraordinarily primitive—indeed, concealment was hes,eth impossible in the form of parapet then in use. Prichard grasped every opportunity for sport during his expeditions, naming a sub-species of cougar in South America, and taking some exceptional barren land caribou and moose heads.

But to return to the sniper. Things, in fact, were going very well indeed for the work which one hoped would soon spread through the whole B. I went and found a splendid school running, in which the instruction in telescopic sights was rapidly correcting these rifles in the 10th Corps. Inon the hundredth anniversary heskdth both Hesketh-Prichard’s trip and the newspaper’s founding, the Daily Express despatched his great-grandson Charlie Jacoby to retrace his footsteps.