Honda outboard service/repair manual – Seloc | 4-stroke | 4 stroke | Table of Contents PDF file | 2 hp – hp – 4 hp – 8 hp – 40 hp – 50 hp – 75 . Clymer Honda Outboard Marine service and repair manuals are written with model specific coverage for your Honda Outboard Marine. From basic service and. View and Download Honda Outboard Motor BFA owner’s manual online. Honda Power Equipment Outboard Motor Owner’s Manual. Outboard Motor.

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It will also help reduce air pollution. Control lever not in neutral position. Normal Engine Stopping To stop the engine in an emergency, pull the clip out of the emergency stop switch by pulling outbiard lanyard. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean.

Cleaner Air and Water – for healthier lifestyle and environment. Possible Cause Fast idle lever outnoard side-mount type. Fuel filter or fuel tank filter clogged. If your tool kit needs replacement, it is not available as a kit and each item must be ordered individually.

To stop the engine in an emergency, pull the clip out of the emergency stop switch by pulling the lanyard. After the first 20 hours or 1 month, then every hours or 6 months.

Owner’s Manuals

The switch clip must be inserted in the emergency stop switch in order for the engine to start and run. Fast idle lever raised side-mount type. Press the UP or DN down side of the switch to adjust the angle of the outboard motor. Refueling Insert the mud hinda clips with the inner part raised off, then push in the inner part securely until they click.


Summary of Contents for Honda Outboard Motor BFA Page 2 The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, iutboard other reproductive harm. Old gasoline will cause hard starting, and it leaves gum deposits that clog the fuel system.

Honda Outboard Motor BF135A Owner’s Manual

Honda power equipment outboard motor owner’s manual 45 pages. If water is accumulated, stop the engine, and clean the water separator following the instructions on pageor consult with an authorized Honda marine dealer.

Misfiring or backfiring under load. Page 75 Remove the three screws and separate the fuel strainer cup from the strainer body. This manual also for: Use starting procedure p. The emergency stop switch clip ownerrs lanyard system is a safety device that will stop the engine if you fall away from the controls while operating the boat.

This outboard motor uses spark plugs that have ourboard iridium coated center electrode. Page 96 If there is still no water flowing from the cooling system indicator, or if the engine protection system remains activated after 30 seconds, return to the nearest boat landing, and have the outboard motor inspected by an authorized Honda marine dealer. Outboard Motor Safety Understand the use of all controls.

Then move the tilt Keep these items on the boat, so they will always be available if you need them. Shallow Water Operation LAUNCHING To raise the outboard motor out of the water while the engine is stopped and the boat is moored, or for maximum clearance when beaching or launching, use the power tilt switch on the engine pan to tilt the Shop Manual This manual covers complete maintenance and overhaul procedures.


Only you can decide whether or not you should perform a given task. Use the minimum throttle opening necessary to operate the boat at a safe trolling speed. However, we cannot warn you of every conceivable hazard that can arise in performing maintenance. This feature enables the outboard motor to be tilted or lowered when no battery is connected.

Correction Leave fast idle lever OFF p. Page 90 Possible Cause Fast idle lever raised side-mount type.


To meet clean air standards, some areas of the United States and Canada use oxygenated fuels to help reduce emissions. Propeller Replacement Propeller Replacement Ouutboard replacing the propeller, remove the clip from the engine stop switch to prevent any possibility of the engine being started while you are working with the propeller. To remove the mud guard clips, raise the inner part of each mud guard clip with a screwdriver, then pull out the clips. Do not try to remove the mud guard clip with f orce without raising the inner part of the mud guard clip.