Hi, I am also in same boat got g from chennai consulate interview happend is like now no updates from bit tessed. Thanks. Hi everyone, I went to US for masters and then got a job in the same field of study . I got H1B visa stamped in Chennai consulate. After working. On Saturday, December 29, , from p.m. until p.m. (Washington, DC time), CEAC will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Users will.

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It might be a good idea to have your employer file it as it will have a higher likelihood of hyderwbad accepted by the judicial system.

Next Steps

January 30, at 1: Did any one got reply after submitting the documents to hydfpu state. I am from Ireland and was applying for a H1-B renewal.

Since the rest of my document will come in late, I scheduled my interview for 13th, just to be safe. April 9, at 9: Ashok kumar agarwal says: The VO has been frank and told you exactly what is the problem in issuing you a visa.

A lady standing before me went to the counter; he approved her visa in less than a minute.

F1 Visa Interview – PhD in Agronomy – 221g White Slip – US Consulate Hyderabad

But if your case has conshlate one year and the inquiries from the legal team or the representatives office have not yielded much it is possible to file a petition against DOS for expediting your case and getting a conclusion.

Good afternoon sir, How are you doing? My husband had an interview on February 27, in Guangzhou, China for an immigrant visa and he got a white g form about some missing documents.


December 13, at I received my passport. Posted August 30, Guys, if you have any information about g and anything related to this which can be of any help, please do share it.

I need someone in the house to advice me coneulate on what hyderaabd do. I explained him for about 20 seconds, but in the mean time I saw him raising his hand and taking out a paper, Oops!

Please feel free to ask for any other information. One of the methods to inquire about your case at this point is to have a congressman or senator of the district you work in contact byderabad DOS about your case. Hi Tgvp, I received my passport. Also, the docs asked later were not mentioned on G slip before.

Most of the EVC companies hesitate to file for Writ of Mandamus because it could bring them into spotlight and may even lead to investigations related to the case. The writ needs to be filed in the state the applicant is employed by a licensed attorney. Overview Other Information Overview Refusal under Section g means that essential information hydsrabad missing from an application or that an application has been placed on administrative hold. I’ve a DUI, The officer will either tell you that the case has to undergo administrative processing, or will ask you to submit additional information.

Other Information Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after your interview with a consular officer.

However you mentioned you are being posted to any region of the world to work — do you leave your family behind? And came the out of the consulate. Please let me know the process to back my passport? I went to US for masters and then got a job in the same field of study. Once you get your part done leave the rest to your diligence, focus and there should be no problem consulahe convincing the VO at the Consulate of your Country.


Request the representatives office for further details on your case and reason for delays.

Did you get your visa yet? It is a normal admin processing based on your field of study.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Usually this will lead to expediting the case to resolve in 60 days. Nothing can void this painful. I dropped my documents at VFS and then after a week, got an email asking me to attend an inperson interview.

F1 Visa Interview – PhD in Agronomy – g White Slip – US Consulate Hyderabad

However, if I have to stick on to an online program perhaps my desired career focus would change just to something else which I have not thought about. You should get an update soon. I will leave that decision to you. Doug on August 9, at Make sure your documents are in order, meet the criteria laid down for the course you apply for hyderabac show some respect for the motherland you were hydersbad in.

The role of the VO is exactly opposite while dealing with g. And planning to apply for