Alert 13 – 17 Fall From Heights Results in Fatality. Alert 14 – 19 Dropped Object Results in Near Miss. Alert Crown Saver Device – Near Miss.

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Dropped Object — Derrick Light Fixture. Standing Under Suspended Load. Nitrogen Bottles Improperly Filled. Lanyard Caught in Kelly results in a Fatality. Maintenance of Personnel Lift Results in a Fatality. Welding Operations Results in an Eye Injury. Allan Dumbong Nov 27, at It could save a life! I am work in drilling rig safetg i would like share in the morning meetting in rig site. Unsecured Load Results in an Injured Employee.

Fall from Ladder Results in a Fatality. Fall From Heights Results in Fatality. Struck by Incident Results in Leg Injury.

Safety Alerts Archive

Sling Parted and Dropped Drill Pipe. Forklift Incident — Broken Leg. High Potential Dropped Object. Dropped Crane Block Hook Latch. Please send me the latest safety alerts. Proper Use of Cotter Pins. Repair Work Results in Eye Injury. Improper Rigging Results in Lost Cargo. Employee Falls from Derrick Board. Thanks ladc your time and cooperation. Fatality — Man Struck by Falling Object.


Torch Cutting Operations Results in a Fire. Dropped Casing Results in Equipment Damage.

Serious Injury Results from Fall from Ladder. Please send me safety alerts and presentations to sfaety with my crews on the rig. Energy Lock — Out Procedures. Lack of Communication Causes Loss of Fingers.

Loose, Unsecured Clothing Results in a Fatality. More on Casing Safety. Zafety me know if you want a copy. H 2 S Inhalation: Unsecured Cover Fractures Arm.

Air Winch Mounting Bolts Failure. Stabbing Board Incident Results in Fatality. Gardner Denver Safety Notice.

Rig Move Vehicle Incident. Casing Stabbing Basket Incidents. Fall Results in Serious Injury. Safety Alerts are now in Eafety files. Identifying Control Panel Valves. Proper Job Planning and Review.

All company and personal references are removed, so there are no worries about adverse publicity. Near Miss — Lost Control of Drawworks. High Potential — Dropped Pony Collar. Mohanraj senthilkumar Feb 23, alert I found here a lot of interesting things that can help in my job.


Safety Alert Submission Guidelines – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

Unprotected Flywheel Results in a Fatality. Derrick Operations Results in a Fatal Incident. Czar Mar 3, at 7: Modified Equipment — Battery Leads.

Battery Charging, Ventilation, and Storage. Holes in Decks or Walkways. The input is a useful tool that helps me enhance my current safety processes and awareness.