Article E Appointment and Qualifications of the Arbitrator . For further information about these Rules, visit the ICDR website at or call +1. The ICDR Rules of Arbitration (“ICDR Arbitration Rules”), which may be downloaded below, are applied in arbitral proceedings when Parties. International Arbitration. Network and Resources. ICDR Arbitration Rules. ICDR Arbitration Rules. Read more. THE TRIBUNAL. Read more. GENERAL.

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ICDR Arbitration Rules – International Arbitration

At the request of a party, the Administrator may appoint a consolidation arbitrator, who will have the power to consolidate two or more arbitrations pending under these Rules, or these and other arbitration rules administered by the AAA or ICDR, into a single arbitration where: Any challenge to the appointment of the emergency arbitrator must be made within one business day of the communication by the Administrator to the parties of the appointment of the emergency arbitrator and the circumstances disclosed.

Notice of Arbitration 1. Where the consolidation arbitrator decides to consolidate an arbitration with one or more other arbitrations, each party in those arbitrations shall be deemed to have waived its right to appoint an arbitrator. Such notice may be given by email, or as otherwise permitted by Article 10, and must include a statement certifying that all parties have been notified or an explanation of the steps taken in good faith to notify all parties.

The emergency arbitrator shall have no further power to act after the arbitral tribunal is constituted. The parties may also agree to use the International Expedited Procedures in other cases.

Emergency Measures of Protection 1.

ICDR Arbitration: A Step-by-Step Guide

A request for interim measures addressed by a party to a judicial authority shall not be deemed incompatible with this Article 6 or with the agreement to arbitrate or a waiver of the right to arbitrate. The party wishing to join the additional party shall, at that same time, submit the Notice of Arbitration to the additional party and all other parties. At the request of a party, the Administrator may appoint a consolidation arbitrator, who will have the power to consolidate two or more arbitrations pending under these Rules, or these and other arbitration rules administered by the AAA or ICDR, into a single arbitration where:.


The consolidation arbitrator may revoke the appointment of any arbitrators and may select one of the previously-appointed tribunals to serve in the consolidated proceeding.

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties or ordered by the idr tribunal, all notices and written communications may be transmitted by any means of communication that allows for a record of its transmission including mail, courier, fax, or other written forms of arbtration communication addressed to the party or its representative at arbirration last- known address, or by personal service. The emergency arbitrator may modify or vacate the interim award or order.

The date on which such Notice of Arbitration is received by the Administrator shall be deemed to be the date of the commencement of arbitration against the additional party. Any joinder shall be subject to the provisions of Articles 12 and The additional party may make claims, counterclaims, or assert setoffs against any other party in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.

The additional party shall submit an Answer in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.

ICDR Arbitration Rules

International Arbitration Network and Resources. A party may not amend or supplement a claim or counterclaim if the amendment or supplement would fall outside the scope of the agreement to arbitrate. For the purpose of calculating a period of time under these Rules, such period shall begin to run on the day following the day when a notice is made. Scope of These Rules Article 2: The consolidation arbitrator may order that any or all arbitrations subject to potential consolidation be stayed pending a ruling on a request for consolidation.


The arbitral tribunal, arbitrqtion the Administrator if the tribunal has not yet been constituted, may extend any of the time limits eules in this Article if it considers such an extension justified.

These Rules govern the arbitration, except that, where any such rule is in conflict with any provision of the law applicable to the arbitration from which the parties cannot derogate, that provision shall prevail. Any interim award or order shall have the same effect as an interim measure made pursuant to Article 24 and shall be binding on the parties when rendered. The Notice of Arbitration shall contain the following information: If the parties rulse not within 15 days of such notice agreed upon a procedure for appointment of a consolidation arbitrator, the Administrator kcdr appoint the consolidation arbitrator.

In deciding whether to consolidate, the consolidation arbitrator shall consult the parties and may consult the arbitral tribunal s and may take into account all relevant circumstances, including: The notice shall be submitted concurrent with or following the submission of a Notice of Arbitration. Answer and Counterclaim 1. A party wishing to join an additional party to the arbitration shall submit to the Administrator a Notice of Arbitration against the additional party.

Notice of Arbitration Article 3: Scope of These Rules 1. Absent the agreement of all parties, the consolidation arbitrator shall not be appointed in the consolidated proceeding.