Icharger B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Icharger B User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page 4 / 33 • ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual • ProgressiveRC Power suppliers. My iCharger B was one of the earliest released so it has firmware version where as current models are shipping with version

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ProgressiveRC 208B iCharger User Manual

If any individual cell appears over-charged or over-discharged or the pack is too hot or the process has gone on for too long, the iCharger will generate an alarm sound and the related information will blink.

There is also a 9-pin plug to be used with the optional balance board. The iCharger B is designed and manufactured in China which in and of its self does not dictate a low quality product, but as will be shown later there is plenty of room for improvement. Originally Posted by hall woo How Much? The front of the B circuit board. Last edited by junsi; Jun 18, at In this mode, the charger acts as a convenient power supply for a hot wire foam cutter.

Icharger B Manuals

Over all I rate the manual a “B” as all the information seems to be there and is fairly understandable, but it still has room for improvement. The only major addition since 3. It is a simple process: Remember Me Forgot Password? Since these additional measurements are error prone I use them as a basis for comparison only. Each of those boxes in the right four columns is repeated in the following pages in the manual with directions on what can be changed and what effect it will have.


My iCharger B was one of the earliest released so it has firmware version 3.

The second example assumes the last battery charged is identical and all of the parameters are correct so nothing needs changed. I actually like the specs on the iChargerB shown in that document.

These suggestions and bug reports have been accepted with amazing open mindedness by the manufacturer, including adding the foam cutting feature as suggested by one of the forum members. See detail information about logview in the following website:. The B can also be set to limit the input current when using batteries or power supplies that cannot supply 25 amps.

For me this was my first charger with this kind of menu so I had ichafger refer to the manual a lot and I felt like the information was very disconnected and I would often have to reference 2 or 3 sections of the manual just to figure out how to change a specific setting. Prior to this the only other charger manufacturer that I knew of that openly listened to customer feedback was FMA.

Once you’ve had a few moments to practice navigating it is really pretty simple to understand and get around.

iCharger 208B Manuals

The battery pack to be charged is connected via 16 AWG output cables with banana plugs on one end and little alligator clips on the other. Turnigybut be prepared for some very unusual choices of words. Unique Lithium battery Monitor program. Some don’t like how easy it is to bump this button and accidentally terminate the charge, but from a safety standpoint it is refreshingly quick and easy.


ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual | Page 4 / 33

As before, the number in the parentheses is the percent error. With the exception of the low indication of power and temperature these results are very good. Connectors Power is supplied ichargef the B via 14 AWG wire with banana plugs and removable battery clamps that are ideal for clipping onto a deep cycle lead-acid battery. And here is Trug ‘s blog: Mar 26, The USB connector is on the other end of the charger near the input cables. Another reason they caught my eye was their thread on RCGroups where they listen to customer feedback and use the feedback to fix bugs and add features.

Connect iCharger’s input power supply, and turn on it. See detail information about logview in the following website: Pressing the “Enter” button causes you to move right again.

My reference for checking voltage and current accuracy is a Fluke V which has a DC voltage base accuracy of 0. Page 1 of 1.