Infernum is a role-playing game published by Mongoose Publishing in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 References. Infernum is an isometric ARPG featuring enemy mobs and large scale PVP action . All Games > RPG Games > Infernum ยท Community Hub. Infernum. Infernum. Robert Turk is raising funds for Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival on Kickstarter! A pick-up & play tabletop RPG. Easy to.

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Estimated delivery Jul rpf A good departure is, for example, an expanded treatment of social skills, including my favorite skill ever: In addition to demons, players can also play humans and Fallen Angels, younger and less potent versions of the First Fallen.

Infernum (role-playing game)

Results 1 to 3 of 3. Reset Fields Log in. Choose ijfernum 2nd book PDF: You may mix in Purgatory House books but these will not have ribbon bookmarks. The Free Cities Heresy, a rebellion against the very laws of the Infernum, has arisen and claimed multiple cities across Hell, forcing the other eight Houses to accept House Lictat in order to focus their attention on this new threat.

There are also Mutations available for demons and others, if corrupted enoughthat allow even further customization, and of course fpg and skills. It fuels hellish war mutations, war machines, and other goodies.


It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. PoD Book with Shipping European backers at this reward level receive a physical copy of the hardback book printed by a digital PoD printer with standard shipping included.

Infernum (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

The vast majority of angels were slain and devoured, the survivors fleeing into the dying universe of the Broken Lands, leaving Hell forever after in the hands of the demons.

Infernum I inadvertantly came across the Infernum line offered through Mongoose Publishing, but I haven’t seen much about it in the way of reviews. Check out the FAQ. We are now proud to present our brand new, survival-horror RPG with great art, cool new mechanics, alien monsters, psychological dangers, lots of explosions, and even more unrelenting horror:.

By far the largest departure is Sorcery, which replaces the magic system. That could be one copy of Starship Infernum and one copy of Purgatory House, or two copies of either.

Hell itself is described, although not extensively. This pledge level is for Brick and Mortar retailers only.

Ships to Anywhere in the world. Plus your name in the credits and a pdf copy of the book.

Knowing that they would either be destroyed once Heaven was claimed or remain slaves to their Abusive Precursorsthe demons chose their own path and attacked both angelic factions while their Covenants were stretched to breaking point. The Book of the Tormentor – Out Now! The only way for us to bring it down is to do Print on Demand versions of the book in Europe and that type of printing does not meet our standards for quality. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Share this project Done.


In addition, the choice of affiliation to one of the demonic Houses or other political entities affects the character both mechanically and within the setting.

But as we started working on it, we realized that it was a complete stand-alone game, and we had to give it the space to soar. Tuesday, 21st June, Iliaster is produced by torturing lost souls in the many torture farms of Infernum.

Sewn-In Ribbon Bookmark Extra: Getting and using Iliaster is a big part of an Infernum game.

Since the Reviews section is down: Sewn-In Ribbon Bookmark Exclusive: Ships to Only European Union. Starship Infernum signed Exclusive: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Sorcery is skill based, and uses rituals one known per rank.

Estimated delivery Dec In other words it includes standard fantasy fare, but also almost modern warfare equipment and vehicles, often fired by iliaster, as well as iliaster-related stuff.