Oracle Argus Analytics is certified against Informatica PowerCenter with Hotfix2. Refer to the Informatica PowerCenter Installation Guide for recommended Oracle Argus Analytics Data Warehouse Administration Console Server. Installation Guide for Informatica PowerCenter Users. Release installing Informatica , refer to the PowerCenter Installation and Configuration Guide. Informatica PowerCenter SP4 or HF11 or See the Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub Installation Guide Release chapter on upgrading Oracle LSH for Log in to Informatica PowerCenter Administration Console .

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Enter a name for each level in the package hierarchy. Pre-requisites Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that the following software is available. The Documentation team updates documentation as needed. Informatica PowerExchange informagica Tableau Version 9. Cells that contain an error are colored red.

Informatica Installation | Informatica PowerCenter Setup Guide | Edureka

Informatica Big Data Management Version The software More information. Microsoft Windows Server R1 with P1 or above 32 bit. Mapping Analyst for Excel Process 3. The PowerCenter Repository Service assigns this value to the port description. Logical Powercentwr Optional Indicates whether the column is logical only.

Before You Begin

No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means electronic, photocopying, recording. It supports the following Oracle Argus Safety versions:. It supports the following Oracle Argus Safety versions: Installing the Prerequisite Software Before you can install the OCDA application, you must complete the following pre-installation tasks: Select the name of a domain configured for the selected model.


You can configure a maximum of eight levels.

Description Optional Logical description of the table or file. Navigate to the Standard-Addin. Administator have successfully tested the domain connection.

Native Datatype Optional Native system datatype name for the domain. If you enter a name, the PowerCenter Repository Service assigns the datatype, length, and scale defined on the Domains worksheet to the column.

Informatica PowerCenter (Version 9.0.1) Mapping Analyst for Excel Guide

Name Fields — Ppwercenter the name of the user in the fields. Oracle Argus Safety 7. Optionally, enter a business name, description, and comment for the package. Logical Only Optional Indicates whether the table or file is logical only. Now we have successfully made the Repository available for further operations. Follow the instructions in the respective patch readme.

The PowerCenter Repository Service assigns this value to the description of the source or target definition. You can install the add-in for Microsoft Excel or However, use Microsoft Excel to use the improved user interface.


Select the following check boxes to assign the required roles: Displays all columns on the worksheet. This versioned repository information will be needed during Oracle Argus Analytics installation along with the admin user credentials.

Informatica Server needs a repository database. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior consent of Informatica Corporation. After extracting, you will get four files: Configuring the Domains Worksheet on page Chapter 3: Business Name Optional Business name for the column.

If you enter text, the PowerCenter Repository Service assigns this column as the primary key. The system adds the roles to the user and the Update User screen appears. Mapping Specifications A mapping specification is a Microsoft Excel file that includes metadata to import into the PowerCenter repository. Let us know if we can contact you regarding your comments. The software described in this guide is furnished under a software license or nondisclosure.

The Domains worksheet performs the following validation: