Discover Iron Pillar of Delhi in New Delhi, India: An ancient iron pillar in Delhi that seems to be rustproof. The purpose of the Iron Pillar of Delhi is one of its many mysteries. Some say it was a flagstaff made for the king mentioned in the inscription. The Iron Pillar of Delhi is one of the best examples of medieval metallurgy. It was commissioned in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. It was one of the.

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The Incredible Rust-Resistant Iron Pillar of Delhi | Ancient Origins

Cited in On the corrosion resistance of the Delhi iron pillarR. Candragenerally identified as the Gupta emperor Chandragupta II. March 19, The Sexiest Temples in India. The pillar has attracted the attention of archaeologists and materials scientists because of its high resistance to corrosion and has been called a “testimony to the high level of skill achieved by the ancient Indian iron smiths in the extraction and processing of iron”.

Cornwell wrote on 30 April, – Construction on this sandstone minaret was begun in From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. This mosque was built on the base of a temple, albeit not the one where the pillar was erected. Historians have speculated that ricocheting fragments of the cannonball may have damaged the nearby Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque — which is known to have suffered damage to its southwestern portion during the same period — and the assault on the pillar might have been abandoned as a result.

Detail showing the inscription of King Candragupta II. The ongoing reduction of lepidocrocite and the diffusion of oxygen and complementary corrosion through the cracks and pores in the rust still contribute to the corrosion mechanism from atmospheric conditions. Feel very nice to see that these pilgrimage are kept well maintained till now. Based on paleographic similarity to the dated inscriptions from Udayagirithe Gupta-era iconography, analysis of metallurgy and other evidence, Meera Dass and R.


This is a question that seems easy to answer today. This is based on an inscription found on the pillar itself. Desertification is a serious problem facing numerous countries in the world today.

It contains verses composed in Sanskrit language, in shardulvikridita metre.

Mehrauli – Jatland Wiki

How old is the Tarot? The Casa do Penedo: Partly available online, see http: Corrosion Irno is a mehrrauli specialized in corrosion science and engineering. This indicates our forefather knew something which is now lost. An interview with Balasubramaniam and his work can be seen in the article by the writer and editor Matthew Veazey. The height of the pillar, from the top of its capital to the bottom of its base is 7.

This looks highest tower in India. Do not Underestimate the Etruscans: I believe that intellectual engagement by advocates from both ends of the spectrum would serve to Skip to main content.

The Space Gods Revealed: It also praises the valor and qualities of plllar king referred to simply as Chandra mehhrauli, who has been identified with the Gupta King Chandragupta II Vikramaditya The Dargah is the resort of pious Muhammadans and contains many graves of interest: Its bell pattern capital is 1.

Steel WorldNo. Replies to my comment. Although it stands in Delhi today, how this pillar got there, and its original location is still a subject of scholarly discussion. Various measures have been taken to counter the negative effects, with some providing better results than others.

One theory suggests that from its original location, the pillar was moved and erected in the main plilar at the fortress city of Lal Kot at Dhilli modern Delhi when it was developed by the Tomar king, Anangapala II, in A. The iron pillar of Delhi, India is a 7 meter 22 feet high pillar in the Qutb complex which is notable for the composition of the metals used in its construction.


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File:Iron Pillar Mehrauli, Qutub Minar Complex, New Delhi, India.jpg

Gai, the inscription states that the king’s mind is “fixed upon Vishnu with devotion”, and therefore, indicates that the king was alive at the time. In a volume published inMichael Willis has summarised the debates and re-translated the relevant portions of the epigraph. Based on scientific analysis, it has been shown that these three factors work together to form a protective passive layer of rust on the Iron Pillar of Delhi.

The creation and development of the Udayagiri site appears to have been clearly guided by a highly developed astronomical knowledge. Balasubramaniampp. Shimodaira, Corrosion Science 11 35— On the 1 st January of every year, many countries around the world celebrate the beginning of a new year. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.

An excellent plan of this neighborhood and descriptions of the various objects of interest are to be found in Fanshawe’s “Delhi Past and Present,” Chapter V. Mahrauli is of world-wide historical interest owing Places of to the presence of the Kutb Minar and is the centre of many old ruins both within the Kila Rai Pithora and without.

The ancient writing is preserved well because of the corrosion-resistant iron on which it is engraved.