We have all heard the expression that as practi- tioners we are’standing on the shoulders of giants’? With neurophysiologist Irvin Korr’s passing one of the true. Photograph of Irvin Korr and Ola Grimsby; Attached to page 39 of the Irvin M. Korr scrapbook, color photograph with Korr in the foreground, taken during. Page 29 of the Irvin M. Korr scrapbook; Oct Page has images of Harold Magoun Jr and Irvin Korr attached to it, page has a clear plastic covering;

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If damage in muscle caused spinal facilitation and consequently visceral dysfunction, it would mean that each time we damage our muscles it would automatically result in some visceral dysfunction.

AOA Conventioneer title section; Oct The second volume of collected papers has come into being for several reasons. Kkrr is glued to the scrapbook page. Yet, ‘viscerally’ speaking, most sports people are fairly healthy. Attached to page 66 in the Irvin M.

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This may have a functional role in the muscle guarding often observed irvln the site of damage. Irvin Korr Explanation Osteopathy effective on asthma?

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Korr scrapbook, black kor white photograph of Kim sitting and talking, wooden fence behind him; As a result, poor health and illness can be attributed to a communication breakdown between the two main body components, the soma and the visceral.

This article re-examines the original studies of Korr, Denslow and their co-workers, aim to identify what has been demonstrated in these studies and to reinterpret their findings in the light of current knowledge of neurophysiology. The collected papers of Irvin M Korr. There are five color photographs attached to the page, Kim Korr is in each image, page has clear plastic cover; Relaxation of the muscles by manipulation can break this vicious circle by decreasing the discharge frequency of the proprioceptors.


The Collected Papers of Irvin M. Korr – Vol. 2

History of medicine and the concept of endocoids Osteopathic oorr Korr Scrapbook Page 5 of the Irvin M. The original research consisted of several studies which were carried out on a irvvin number of normal healthy subjects. Attached to page 1 of the Irvin M. This is a very important point: However this is also doubtful: This approach, codified by Still, is not so recent:.

Korr — Volume 1 Korr scrapbook, white card with “I. Images loose from the page, adhesive from page backing is beginning to stain clear plastic.

Photograph attached to scrapbook page. Still writings, image is to thank Korr for his appearance as the visiting scholar at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine; Attached to page 65 in the Irvin M. The origin of these impulses is the cerebral cortex, the centres of equilibrium and posture, the bulbar centres, the cutaneous receptors amongst others.

Disorders resulting from this rupture can occur in several ways: Photograph of the Hallvard Award; Page 51 of the Irvin M. The muscles are the only active tissues, korr but also shock absorbers of the movement, this antagonistic role allowing kor make the movement harmonious! D Scientific contributions of I.

This implies that if lateral spread of sensitisation does take place, it will not necessarily be segmentally specific.

Photograph attached to scrapbook page. For a physiologist, it seems reasonable to think that the resistance to movement, which characterizes the articular osteopathic lesion, is the product of the action of one or more of the muscles that mobilize the incriminated joint.


Korr scrapbook, black and white photograph of Irvin Korr at a lectern talking; Inside the spinal cord it was suggested that abnormal activity in one area of the spinal cord could spread to adjacent areas. Korr in Laboratory; No Date.

Irvin Korr Career

Glued to scrapbook page. Implications for the choice of outcome measures The supremes of A. Furthermore, such sympathetic changes in sudomotor activity have no clinical relevance to osteopathic practice. So many generations of osteopaths have assumed that high velocity thrusts HVT are the most appropriate form of manipulation for normalising or resetting the facilitated segment.

Badge is glued to the scrapbook page. They never took the logical step of examining all three phenomena of facilitation in the same group of subjects!

In conclusion, this neurophysiological theory of segmental facilitation is now accepted by all schools of structural osteopathy, including the British School of Osteopathy.

The osteopath seeks local signs, mobility restrictions, muscular tensions, tissue irvn vascular changes, associated visceral disorders and uses the musculoskeletal system to break a vicious circle whose essential element is medullary.

Irvin Korr in Laboratory; Korr in Laboratory Irvin M.

We are therefore looking for what structures are disturbed. Korr Scrapbook Page 54 of the Irvin M. The spinal facilitation concept In principle, the facilitated segment was described as a specific area of the spinal cord that was capable of organising disease processes.