Jadranko Miklec. likes · 4 talking about this. @ Jadranko Miklec, Self: Dobro jutro, Hrvatska. Jadranko Miklec. Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio, trivia, and more. Update information for Jadranko Miklec». Jadranko Miklec, Eng. Published: A long-standing practitioner of yoga brings his unparalleled knowledge and experience in order to treat each of .

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Dharana is steadiness of attention in its inward march. Course on Ashtanga yoga pranayama Course on traditional pranayamas Courses can be weekend or one week seminar. By clicking Accept, you consent to our use of cookies on this device.

Many scientific researches confirm the effectiveness of yoga exercises for the health of mind and body. Course on Yoga Nidra — kaya kalpa for rejuvenation and prolonging life span. If you’d like to disable cookies, please click on the Manage Cookies button.

Yoga Teacher Training

Our body consists mainly of liquids. Jadranko’s new book, Yoga for the Spine and Beauty of Body is excellent for yoga practitioners of all levels and I recommend it.

David Williams Maui, Hawaii Oct, 23, Those ancient cognitions today have been getting confirmation of modern science, Quantum physics in the light of the discovery of the Unified field.

This is the state of yoga in expressed field of life. Poor circulation of bodily liquids is like a still pool which gives rise to growth of all kinds of microorganisms which pollute our body and cause different illnesses.

Teaching of Yoga is based on the cognition of ancient seers, rishis about the nature of life. Through everyday practise of yoga we jadrznko our full potential of mind and body and we become normal human beings created after the image of God. Health is order and disease is disorder. Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind.


Properly chosen and put in a proper sequence, yoga exercises stretch, loosen, enliven and relax every part of the body. The balance of vata, pitta and kapha is the natural order, thus when this doshic balance is disturbed, it creates imbalance, which is disorder. Asana-Pranayama link Prana jxdranko kundalini Types of prana Agni fire of life Principles of the proper jiklec of pranayama Practice of pranayama position for pranayama, techniques of pranayama, modifications of pranayama.

Anatomy and Physiology bodily systems, organs, etc. Meditation is experienced as very useful, pleasant and refreshing.

Asanas, Kriyas, Bandhas, Mudras and other traditional yoga Techniques — hours Moving is important for health of body and the mind. When we look at the anatomical structure of the body, and its bio-mechanical system, we can see great possibilities of body for performing many different positions.

Asana and Pranayama represent exercises of yoga postures and yoga breathing. It is the nature of life. At the end of every level students will have examination and receive diploma for that level of graduation.

Jadranko Miklec – IMDb

Course on Office yoga Course on Business yoga Course on yoga for drivers, etc. If you’d like to disable cookies, please click on the Manage Cookies button. Jadranko Miklec was the representative of Yoga in the Department of Ministry of Justice of Croatia for regulation of application of nonconventional medicine.


Pranayama — 60 hours Pranayama is a Vedic breathing technique, which stimulates and increases the vital energy, ultimately bringing about perfection and evenness of the soft flow of prana within the whole physiology. They instinctively do yoga. Yoga exercises strengthen the bio-mechanical system, keep the healthy condition of spine, balance metabolism, and also immune and nervous system.

Personalizing the practice of asanas. Vata ether plus airpitta fire plus water and mijlec water plus earth are called the tridosha, meaning the three humors or the three organizations of the body, which are also derived from consciousness. Developing strength, flexibility and structural alignment through practice of the different series of asanas. Teaching Methodology — 30 hours For the teaching to be authentic and useful teacher should live in accord miklc he teaches.

Human physiology, expresion of Veda and vedic literature. Within mikpec body there is a constant interaction between order and disorder, thus once one understands the jadfanko and structure of disorder, one can re-establish order. The principal means of assessing an individual’s unique dosha proportions and current state of dosha imbalance is nadi vigyan, or pulse diagnosis.

Handbuch Ayurveda, Karl F. Conducting classes for small and for larger groups. Consideration of different Systems of Yoga — 20 hours.