Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis [James L. Oschman, Candace Pert] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book, written by a. Dr. James L. Oschman is President of Nature’s Own Research Association and is exploring the scientific basis for complementary and alternative medicines. JAMES L. OSCHMAN, Ph.D. President, Nature’s Own Research Association. Ph. D. Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, B.S. Biophysics.

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Quotes from Energy Medicine: In contrast, the magnetic permeabilities of the various tissues are all about the same as in a vacuum. Modern technology allows us to track the behavior of these two photons as they move apart.

Dr. James Oschman

What do you think of this term? Learned about important concepts to earthing, essential oils, reiki, qi-gong, the important medium that is water. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. They use magnetic information for navigation. As an academic scientist, I worked in the fields of cell biology, biophysics, and physiology, doing research and teaching at major universities and laboratories in the US and abroad.

Since these discoveries seem to run counter to common sense, physicists have carefully dissected the experiments to find flaws. Modern research science is validating and explaining the beneficial effects of a wide range of complementary, alternative and integrative therapies. Milo Wolff, who has described the interdependence of all matter on all other matter in the universe.

These problems include osteoarthritis,osteonecrosis, osteochondritis dessecans, osteogenesis imperfecta, and osteoporosis.

I enjoyed and needed this book at the time I read it. One of l.oscman activities can be to adjust the frequency of its internal circuits to those most appropriate for the situation. He is the author of Energy Medicine: The first photon appears to send its twin a message describing what happened to it, no matter how far away they are from each other or how fast they are separating. Two cycles per second Hz is effective for nerve regeneration,seven Hz is optimal for bone growth, ten Hz is used for ligaments,and somewhat higher frequencies work for skin and capillaries.


The Scientific Basis by James Kames. His work makes it easy for doctors and scientists to understand and accept Reiki, which is valuable for anyone wanting to place Reiki in hospitals or to work in a clinical or scientific setting. To ask other readers questions about Energy Medicineplease sign up. Catherine Gentry rated it it was amazing Aug 13, And there are also software and hardware for monitoring an important measure known as heart rate variability. Energy medicine and longevity.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Publication of several books, editor of several books, chapters in major books. Can you give us a definition of energy medicine? Biomagnetic measurements generally require expensive equipment and shielded rooms to l.ischman sure you are not detecting noise from the electromagnetic environment. I believe their experiences, such as the sense that the aura has l.odchman to it, will someday be proven accurate. It is a subject that I have taken up in my next book as well.

James Oschman Interview

Best cases in biological medicine. Modern researchers have developed the magnetic biopsy, the electrical biopsy, and the optical biopsy. This research led to the electrocardiogram and was done a century ago by Einthoven, who received a Nobel Prize for his accomplishments in It is frustrating on the other hand because so much of the medical establishment has woodenly refused to acknowledge the facts that are painfully well-established, presumably for fear of being associated with quacks.

Much credit is due to the late C. David Peat entitled Synchronicity. They still are for the most part. Therefore if we trust our hunches and intuitions, we are relying on information that is closer to reality than the way we sense reality, simply because they are based on far more information and on information that has had time to be processed within.


One of the ways these methods work is by opening up the communication channels that enable cells in the body to talk to each other, and opening up the terrain through which cells are able to migrate to places where they are needed to initiate repair or to fight diseases. This is extremely interesting.

About a quarter of a century later, Berger measured the electrical fields of the brain,resulting in the medical field of electroencephalography.

This book, written by a well-known scientist with a background in biophysics and biology brings together evidence from a names of disciplines to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all therapies.

Articles of Interest and L.oscnman.

Skip to main content. Some good hypotheses have been developed for this. Books by James L. Aug 18, Nancy rated it liked it. Rini Verpraet rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Matrix energetics and regeneration. Amy Brock rated it it was amazing Apr 30, It is diagrammed in Figure 4 and can be referred to as a signaling cascade. Lists with This Book. From the scientific perspective, the higher intelligence you refer to is none other than the innate intuitive inner wisdom we all possess and can access when we relax our mental processes and allow our subconscious to sort out what is really going on.